Danielle Parude

Danielle Starling Pardue, Esq.

Legal Fellow

Danielle is the legal fellow for Triage Cancer, a national, nonprofit organization with the goal of connecting patients, caregivers and health professionals to the resources to navigate cancer survivorship.

Danielle is an attorney, actor, cancer patient advocate, and healthcare social media consultant. Most importantly, she is the primary caregiver for her parents. Danielle’s mother was diagnosed with Stage IV non-small-cell lung cancer in 2015. Danielle is a full-time advocate for her mother, as well as for her father, who has several chronic illnesses. In addition to her work for Triage Cancer, Danielle serves as a Social Media Ambassador, support group co-moderator, caregiver mentor, event committee member, and blogger for the LUNGevity Foundation. She is also the Social Media Coordinator for Upstage Lung Cancer. Danielle sits on the Community Advisory Board for the Recruitment Innovation Center based at Vanderbilt University and focused on the joint NIH-NCATS goal of improving the enrollment and retention of underserved populations in clinical trials. She has served on several panels and advisory boards on caregiving and patient advocacy issues for many constituents, including nonprofits and the pharmaceutical industry.

Danielle hopes to help connect cancer survivors and their care partners with concretely useful resources, and to increase awareness around cancer survivorship by engaging with as many patients and families as possible.

She is honored to serve as the Triage Cancer Legal Fellow, and to support the organization’s unique mission and objectives.

Danielle earned a Juris Doctor from Campbell University in Raleigh, NC, and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in theatre with a focus in directing from the Boston University School of Theatre. She is a member of both the North Carolina and New York bars.


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