2019 Educational Series for Healthcare Professionals – Returning to Work 

Cancer and Careers

Thursday, October 31, 2019

9:00am PST/ 11:00am CST/ 12:00pm EST


Rachel Becker, LMSW, Director of Programs, Cancer and Careers
Monica Bryant, Esq., COO, Triage Cancer

The Returning to Work webinar of the Educational Series for Health Professionals will discuss the challenges faced when a patient is transitioning after taking time off for cancer treatment. Returning to work can prove difficult to a patient whether they are returning to a prior job or looking for a new one. Topics to be discussed during the webinar include: easing back into the work routine, how to prevent themselves from being seen as “the cancer person,” tips for job-searching during or after treatment, resume and cover letter writing, networking and interviewing skills, and approaches to help patients feel confident in addressing a gap in work history with an employer. There will be one more webinar in the Educational Series this year, on another important topic for oncology health professionals to promote success and survivorship in their patients. Check out the remaining webinar in the series here!

One CE credit is provided free of charge to eligible oncology nurses and social workers at the agencies listed on the Cancer and Careers Educational Series website here

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