Samantha Skelton

Marketing Assistant

Samantha Skelton is the Marketing Assistant for Triage Cancer, handling the digital marketing and communications efforts on behalf of our organization. Some of her roles include managing our social media, PR materials, and content that gets distributed in our newsletters.

Samantha has a background in writing and social media management, as well as experience in the digital advertising world. She thrives in a setting where she gets to create digital media and develop original written content. She has had the opportunity to work for a booming creative agency as their writer and social media manager, as well as for one of the top outdoor digital media companies in Los Angeles.

Samantha received a Bachelor’s Degree in Screenwriting from California State University Northridge. She developed a passion for nonprofits in her previous volunteer experience. As an Alumni of Alpha Phi International Women’s Fraternity, she has worked with others to raise money for women’s heart health and other organizations. She currently resides in Los Angeles.

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