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Through Triage Cancer’s Speakers Bureau, cancer centers, hospitals, cancer organizations, and other groups that are coordinating educational events or cancer conferences can be connected with expert speakers on various cancer survivorship issues.

Triage Cancer's Speakers Bureau also includes cancer survivors and caregivers who have experience sharing their cancer journey with a variety of audiences. If you are planning an event, it is a good idea to request speakers as early as possible. Some of our speakers are often booked months in advance.

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Photo of Molly MacDonald

Molly MacDonald


Molly MacDonald knows what it’s like to battle the financial burdens of breast cancer while undergoing treatment to battle the disease.

Diagnosed with early stage breast cancer in April 2005, the disease was unlikely to take her life, but it did take her livelihood: she was between jobs and was unable to start her new job as planned. Her family’s already tight budget was immediately overburdened with the addition of a monthly COBRA health insurance payments coupled with the loss of her income.

Within months, MacDonald and her family faced the potential for catastrophic financial losses, including the loss their home. At the end of treatment when family and friends stopped delivering dinner, MacDonald was forced to use a local food bank to feed her family.

When MacDonald’s quest to Get Help was met with blank stares, she became determined to Give Help to others suffering from lost income as a result of their diagnosis and treatment.

In 2006 she founded The Pink Fund, which provides 90 days of non-medical financial aid to cover basic cost of living expenses, such as health insurance, housing, transportation and utilities.

By providing this financial bridge, The Pink Fund helps to meet basic needs, while decreasing stress levels. These factors help breast cancer patients focus on healing, and improve survivorship outcomes and quality of life.

Since its founding through December 2014, The Pink Fund has made $845,504.45 in bill payments on behalf of 843 Survivors.

In 2012, Ford Motor Company, invited The Pink Fund to be one of their four charity partners benefiting from the Warriors in Pink program which allowed them to serve patients in all 50 states.

For her work, MacDonald has been the recipient of many local and national awards, most notably she has been named a Pink Power Mom, by Kids II and Bright Starts. She is a Purpose Prize Fellow, presented by Encore.org for her “outstanding contributions toward solving the world’s most challenging problems in the second half of life”, and Money Magazine’s 2014 Michigan Money Hero.

She is a columnist for Breast Cancer Wellness Magazine focusing on financial wellness.

The Pink Fund was a finalist, recognized as a top global cancer innovator in patient centric care by the LIVESTRONG Foundation’s inaugural Big C Competition, for its work in helping to rebuild financial health; and in 2014 was named by Time and Money, together with Charity Navigator, as one of five national breast cancer charities worthy of your donation, where you can feel confident your dollars will be put to good use.

She is a graduate from The University of Michigan with a degree in journalism and has extensive work experience in journalism, public relations, marketing and sales.

She now serves The Pink Fund full time as its CEO and says, that apart from raising her five children, her work with The Pink Fund, while challenging is the most gratifying of her life.

Topics: The non-medical expenses associated with a diagnosis; and Survivorship.