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A year after Adam and his family moved to the United States from Canada, his wife, Tracey, was diagnosed with breast cancer. While dealing with the sobering realities of their new situation, Adam began to experience first hand how very differently the U.S. health care system operates, as compared with a more comprehensive and inclusive Canadian system.  Adam quickly realized that there are ample ways to support patients medically and emotionally, but very limited structured support for the financial strains patients often face.

A 2010 study by the National Cancer Institute estimated that Americans will spend $158 billion annually on cancer treatment by the year 2020.  That figure represents a staggering annual 27% increase. 

Given Adam’s experience and statistics like these, Adam was motivated and inspired to proactively do something about it.  Adam passionately believes in the mission of Fifth Season Financial – a company that provides financial assistance for those facing advanced illnesses, including cancer.  He made it his mission to help people who are struggling with all of their financial pressures; rent or mortgage bills, utility bills, medication, or anything else that might be causing a financial strain.  To date, Fifth Season has assisted over 330 patients and their families – and provided over $55 million in financial help through the “Loans for Living” program.

Fifth Season aims to be a financial resource for those needing to gain access to immediate cash, which the “Loans for Living” program provides, by securing a loan through the patient’s life insurance policy.  Loans are usually between 30% – 60% of the face value of the life insurance policy.

However, a key goal of Fifth Season’s program is to provide patients with access to cash they need now, and to also preserve part of the policy for the patients’ family and dependents. There are only two requirements to qualify for the program – having advanced cancer and having a life insurance policy. The evaluation process is very simple and free of charge. There are no restrictions on how the money can be used, and it generally does not disqualify someone from government or other needs-based assistance programs.

This is what two of Fifth Season’s clients had to say:

“As a committed Christian, I don't toss around the term Godsend lightly. But I can truly say that's what Fifth Season has been for me. Just knowing the money is there to pay my living expenses and keep my new business going makes all the difference in the world. Stress is terribly counter-productive when you're facing a life threatening disease like cancer – and like it or not, financial stress is one of the worst” – Lisa from Colorado

“Fifth Season gave me financial piece of mind, and allowed me to focus my energy on my condition, and my family’s well-being…thank you.” – Stephanie from Virginia

Adam Balinsky is the President of Fifth Season Financial, an organization that provides financial help to individuals diagnosed with advanced cancer. For more information about Fifth Season Financial, call 866.459.1271 or visit www.fifthseasonfinancial.com.

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