“As the well‐known expert in healthcare, employment and legal issues as they relate to cancer, we were so pleased to have Monica Fawzy Bryant and Triage Cancer share that expertise with our participates as they navigate the cancer journey. Monica provided an excellent overview of healthcare and the Affordable Care Act, and armed our participants with information and resources to make important decisions regarding health insurance. Triage Cancer is an invaluable resource in the oncology world.”

~Dawn Williams, LSW, Wellness House

“What Cancer and Careers and Triage Cancer brought to the forefront was the importance of clinicians and support staff understanding the patient as a whole, including their financial needs and concerns, career concerns that are compounded by a diagnosis of cancer, and legal concerns that frankly would rarely be on an oncology provider’s radar screen. Your presentations during this wonderful seminar you provided to us was a wealth of new information, resources and tools that can be incorporated into the treatment decision making.  We are now more aware of these potential issues that directly impact our patients during treatment as well as into long term survivorship.”

~Lillie D. Shockney, RN., BS., MAS, Professor; Administrative Director, Johns Hopkins Cancer Survivorship Programs

“When I had the opportunity to have Triage Cancer present at our hospital support group, I didn’t hesitate.  Each patient had the opportunity to not only gain a better understanding of the recent health care reform, but how to access these changes to ensure their medical needs are met. Joanna Morales provided a seminar with a wealth of knowledge and resources that was easy to understand and will improve our patients’ daily lives as they gain the access they need.  Living with cancer or any chronic illness is never easy, but it is encouraging to know there are agencies such as Triage Cancer that provide the support and answers needed during difficult times.  I would definitely recommend Triage Cancer to all my patients and colleagues.”

~Annie Huhnerkoch, LCSW, University of California, Irvine Medical Center

“Each and every attendee at our recent Cancer and Careers/Triage Cancer Seminar came away with valuable information for immediate use.  Until your presentation, the clinicians have not had the tools to have effective conversations with their patients about challenging workplace situations related to their cancer care.  You have provided them with case studies and scripting that is effective and useful.  The combination of Cancer and Careers and Triage Cancer is so effective in creating the full picture for our patients and our staff members.  We will definitely invite you back to interact with our physicians, in a larger audience, to deliver your very important and timely message.”  

~Terry Langbaum, Chief Administrative Officer, Kimmel Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins

“Triage Cancer & Cancer and Careers recently provided a one-day continuing education program for our clinical navigation team. In addition to our navigators, we also invited some social workers from the institutions where we practice. The seminar was helpful beyond words. Each section was valuable – whether a refresher or all new information. The barriers that individuals with cancer face can be tough to navigate. However, the seminar gave me the information needed to help navigate some of these barriers, including workplace issues and social security disability. The last session of the day focused on some provisions of the Affordable Care Act. As we go into 2014, this information was invaluable. I would recommend their workshops for any professional working with individuals who have cancer and their caregivers.”

~Trish Pangilinan, Director of Mission Delivery, American Cancer Society Lakeshore Division

“When given the opportunity to enroll in a Cancer and Careers/Triage Cancer Seminar, I did not think twice. Having attended seminars put on by these organizations in the past, I knew that I would receive a wealth of knowledge presented in a way that I could translate easily to patients I work with. From a single eight hour seminar I was able to take away vital information on the steps of working through every phase of the cancer treatment process. The presenters offered a vast knowledge on employer and federal disability rights as well as a comprehensive tutorial on how to prepare myself, and patients with the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. I found myself returning to work the next day, sharing this information with colleagues and incorporating what I learned into my patient care. For anyone working with, or directly affected by cancer, I highly recommend taking the time to attend this seminar.”

 ~ Colleen Savory MSW, LSWMercy Hospital & Medical Center

“When confronted with the words “you have cancer,” nothing is more valuable than a credible guiding hand to make a horrible situation less horrible. Triage Cancer serves this much needed gap in as meaningful a way as possible.”

-Mathew Zachary, Founder/CEO at Stupid Cancer and Survivor

“Triage Cancer has done their research! One of the most challenging parts of cancer survivorship is access to information and resources about the topics that are relevant to survivors no matter where they are in their survivorship. Triage Cancerprovides a diversity of topics and speakers that will engage any and all cancer survivorship audiences (and the professionals who care for them). From the practical issues of managing finances and insurance to the emotional and spiritual well-being after cancer, Triage Cancer provides a dynamic and interactive format for survivors to learn how to better navigate their cancer survivorship. Ultimately, leaving with tools and resources to feel more empowers in their survivorship.”

-Sage Bolte, PhD, LCSW, OSW-C

“I have worked with, and have relied upon, Monica Bryant of Triage Cancer many times to provide current and essential information to our participants and their families, who are dealing with the impact of a cancer diagnosis, and I have never been disappointed. Her presentations consistently contain up-to-date facts and readily useful recommendations. There are so many issues that need to be addressed when a person is diagnosed with cancer…medical, psychological, legal, financial, etc. Triage Cancer is uniquely positioned to address these issues and to help those impacted by cancer find the resources they need.”

-Kathy Scortino, Clinical Director of Wellness Place

“This [in-service training] was so valuable to the oncology professionals (Nurses and Social Workers) in our area. The information and the way the information was provided by Triage Cancer and Cancer and Careers made it easy to learn and understand. There are so many nuances to employment and obtaining employment for those that have experienced cancer. The insights into how to navigate job interviews and the issue of whether to disclose or not disclose cancer experience was extremely helpful as it is an area of education for professionals that is seldom found locally. So many professionals stopped on their way out of the conference to express their appreciation for this opportunity. Can’t recommend it enough!”

~Rachele Sledge, MSSW, CMSW, OSW-C, Nebraska Medicine, Greater Omaha Oncology Social Workers Association Member