Triage Cancer® Animated Videos

Triage Cancer‘s animated videos provide a unique, brief way to learn legal and practical information about health insurance, managing medical bills, cancer and work, clinical trials, estate planning and medical decision making, and much more. Each video is about five minutes long.

While these animated videos are designed for individuals diagnosed with cancer, caregivers, and health care professionals, they are helpful to anyone with a serious medical condition, or anyone who wants to learn about their rights.

Please note, we frequently add new videos to our library that you may find helpful, so please check back.


Videos are available in English and Spanish, and have subtitles. Most videos also have Tagalog subtitles. Our estate planning videos are available in Japanese.

  • To view subtitles in English, Spanish, or Tagalog, click on the “cc” button on the video.
  • Para ver los subtítulos en español, haga clic en el botón “cc” en el video.
  • Upang makita ang mga subtitle sa Tagalog, i-click ang “cc” button sa video.

About Triage Cancer®

Triage Cancer offers resources and materials on the legal and practical issues that may arise after a cancer diagnosis. Learn about our Legal & Financial Navigation Program,, and other ways we help, in these free animated videos.

Clinical Trials

If you are diagnosed with a serious illness, like cancer, you will want to find the best treatment for you. Sometimes that treatment is a cancer clinical trial. Learn more about finding a trial, paying for a trial, and other things to think about.

For more information, visit our Cancer & Clinical Trials Resource Hub.

Estate Planning

Digital Health Awards Winner Fall 2021Our award-winning Planning Ahead Animated Video Series explains how to document your deeply held wishes, practical matters that often fall through the cracks, and financial and medical decision-making.

For more information about estate planning and medical decision-making, visit our Estate Planning Resource Hub. These videos, sponsored by Eisai, are available in English, Spanish, and Japanese.

Health Insurance

Digital Health Awards Winner Fall 2021Understanding how to choose and use your health insurance is important to access care and manage your finances, especially after being diagnosed with a serious medical condition like cancer. These award-winning animated videos will get you started on the right path!

For more information, visit our Health Insurance Resource Hub. These videos are available in English and Spanish.

Managing Medical Bills

Cancer is expensive. But knowing some key tips on how to manage your medical bills can help you avoid unnecessary expenses. This video will cover some ways to reduce your costs before and after you get medical care.

For more information, visit our Navigating Finances Resource Hub and


2022 National Mature Media Awards WinnerThe Medicare Animated Video Series will each you about the different parts of Medicare, how to pay for it, how to pick a plan that best meets your needs, enrollment periods, and more!

For more Medicare information, see our Medicare Topics Page. These videos, sponsored by Pfizer, are available in English and Spanish.

Survivorship Care Plans

If you are nearing the end of your cancer treatment, you may be wondering how to manage your health care moving forward. A cancer survivorship care plan can help. Watch this video to learn more about cancer survivorship care plans, what should be included in them, and how to get one.

Watch in Spanish: Planes de atención para sobrevivientes de cáncer

Work & Cancer

Wondering how to work through treatment or take time off and pay for it? How to navigate the workplace after a cancer diagnosis, or what you have to tell an employer about your medical condition? Are you a caregiver? These animated videos on work and cancer are a great place to start.

For more information, see our Work & Cancer Resource Hub. These videos are available in English and Spanish.

Sharing Triage Cancer's Animated Videos

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