State Laws

For individuals diagnosed with cancer and their caregivers, understanding the laws in your state is important because sometimes state laws provide more protection than federal laws. Federal laws are created by the federal government in Washington, D.C., and apply to all people across all states and territories. State laws, outlined here, are created by your state government and only apply in your specific state. 

Browse state laws impacting the cancer community, including topics like health insurance, work and cancer, disability insurance, accessing medical records, estate planning and medical decision-making, and more.

While all of our free resources are tailored for the cancer community, many are also applicable to anyone with a serious medical condition, or the general public.

A person dressed in a work clothes holds a yellow construction hat

Work & Cancer

A yellow paper family stands under a blue umbrella that says "Disability Insurance"

Disability Insurance

Does your state have disability insurance? Find out!

Accessing Medical Records - an electronic medical record with hard copy files behind it.

Access to Medical Records

This chart outlines the laws in your state to help you access your medical records, including potential charges to access records, how long a provider needs to keep your records, and more.

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Other Cancer-Related State Laws

Learn about state laws related to medical marijuana, Death with Dignity, Right to Try, and digital assets.

Three strands of DNA

Genetic Information

This chart includes the state laws that provide protections related to genetic information in health, disability, life, and long-term care insurance policies.

A person is holding up a sign that says "We are a nation of Immigrants" in colorful ink.


Learn about the state laws that provide benefits and protections at the intersection of immigration and access to health care.

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Learn about the state laws related to voting, including same-day voter registration, early in-person voting, voting by mail, and information about policies for voting during hospitalization or a medical emergency.