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Triage Cancer® has extensive free resources for individuals diagnosed with cancer, caregivers, and health care professionals, on the legal and practical issues that may arise after a diagnosis. Through our animated videos, blog, podcast, and more, you can explore information about important topics facing the cancer community. If you are looking for information on a specific topic, like health insurance, we recommend you start with our Resources By Topic.

While all of our free resources are tailored for the cancer community, many are also applicable to anyone with a serious medical condition, or the general public.

Triage Cancer Resources by Topic

Resources by Topic

Explore all of our resources related to specific topics, like health insurance, estate planning, work and cancer, and more.

Triage Cancer Resources by Location

Resources by Location

Looking for contact information for specific agencies in your state? Wondering what estate planning documents you need? Search no further! is an interactive toolkit for navigating finances after cancer. Get directed to the information most relevant to you based on your needs.

Triage Cancer's Legal & Financial Navigation Program

Legal & Financial Navigation Program

The free Legal & Financial Navigation Program provides one-on-one assistance on a variety of topics to empower you to confidently take next steps.

Triage Cancer charts of state laws

Charts of State Laws

Sometimes laws specific to your state can provide more protection than federal laws. Check out our charts of state laws to see what benefits might be available to you!

Triage cancer animated videos

Animated Videos

Animated videos provide a unique, brief way to learn legal and practical information about health insurance, managing medical bills, cancer and work, clinical trials, estate planning and medical decision-making, and much more.

Triage Cancer Educational Blog

Educational Blog

If there is important news that impacts the cancer community, this is where you'll find it! And, you can subscribe to have the blog delivered directly to your inbox.

How to Triage Cancer podcast


In terms you can understand, each episode breaks down the legal and practical issues that impact people navigating a cancer diagnosis. No subscription necessary!

Triage Cancer Drug Discount Card

Drug Discount Card

Download our free drug discount card! No registration is required and it is accepted at more than 65,000 pharmacies nationwide.

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Our Partners

We love the company we keep! Learn about our partners and the many resources they provide for the cancer community.

Health Insurance, Employment & Disability, Medical Bills

MyHealthcareFinances is a collaboration between Pfizer and Triage Cancer. Read about navigating healthcare and other healthcare finance questions.

Triage Health Announce - logo post

Triage Health

Triage Health provides free education on the legal and practical issues related to navigating a chronic or serious medical condition.