Who We Are

Triage Cancer is a national, nonprofit organization that provides education on the practical and legal issues that may impact individuals diagnosed with cancer and their caregivers, through events, materials, and resources.

A cancer diagnosis can be a life altering event, not only for the individual diagnosed, but also for an individual’s family, friends, caregivers, and community of support.

Triage Cancer helps people move beyond diagnosis.

When someone is dealing with a cancer diagnosis there is information to learn, things that need to be dealt with, and decisions to make. Trying to juggle it all can be incredibly overwhelming. Our goal is to provide access to quality information about all types of cancer survivorship issues that may arise after a diagnosis. Armed with that information, individuals not only get the big picture, but can better decide what needs to be handled first and what can wait until later – the very definition of triaging.

The concerns of an individual may change over time. When newly diagnosed, concerns might be focused on treatment options and health insurance coverage. During treatment, issues related to managing treatment side effects, nutrition, and employment may arise. After completing treatment, concerns may shift towards survivorship care planning, relationship issues, and managing finances.

Triage Cancer works to address cancer-related health disparities through the delivery of cancer survivorship education and collaborative advocacy efforts.

Triage Cancer believes that collaboration is the key to providing valuable information and practical tools on survivorship to the cancer community, particularly to its underserved members. To that end, Triage Cancer works with cancer community partners, healthcare professionals, and other experts to connect people to relevant, practical, and personal information on cancer survivorship issues, such as access to healthcare, treatment options, psychosocial care, survivorship care planning, and the practical, legal, and financial issues that arise as a result of a cancer diagnosis.

Our History


Two cancer rights attorneys saw a need in the cancer community to help patients, survivors, caregivers, advocates, and health care professionals, bridge the gap between cancer survivorship research and practical knowledge. Thus, Triage Cancer was founded.

Hosted the first In-Service Training for Oncology Health Care Professionals in New York, NY.


Triage Cancer received nonprofit, tax exempt status from the IRS.


Reached our 100,000 individual with practical and legal cancer survivorship information through educational events, blogs, articles, and website.


Launched the Triage Cancer Webinar Series.


Launched the Triage Cancer Conference Series.

Created www.CancerFinances.org as a toolkit for navigating finances after a cancer diagnosis.


Developed the Insurance & Finance Intensive, an educational program focused on training health care professionals about insurance and financial issues facing those coping with cancer.

Launched a series of animated videos designed to teach people about various cancer survivorship issues.


Hosted our 30th Triage Cancer Webinar.

In April, delivered our 42nd In-Service Training for Oncology Health Care Professionals.

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Our Team

Joanna L. Fawzy Morales, Esq.

Chief Executive Officer

Monica Fawzy Bryant, Esq.

Chief Operating Officer

Samantha Skelton

Marketing Coordinator

Madison McMahon Ward

Program Coordinator

Danielle Pardue, Esq.

Legal Fellow

Board of Directors

Jodi Omear, MA, APR
Board President

Margaret Chapman, MA
Board Treasurer

John T. Vernagus
Board Secretary

Majid Abai

Megan Antonelli

Monica Bryant, Esq.
Chief Operating Officer

Nancy Fawzy, PhD, RN

Kirk Hartley, Esq.

Joanna Morales, Esq.
Chief Executive Officer

Scientific Advisory Council

Triage Cancer engages scientists and health care professionals in its efforts to educate the cancer community. Learn more about Triage Cancer Scientific Advisory Council here!

Legal Advisory Council

Wondering how you can use your legal experience in the fight against cancer?

Learn more about Triage Cancer’s Legal Advisory Council here!