Frequently Asked Questions

What services does Triage Cancer provide?

Triage Cancer provides both in-person and online services in three areas:

  • We host in-person and online educational events on a variety of cancer-related legal and practical topics, for individuals diagnosed with cancer, caregivers, advocates, and health care professionals.
  • We host a Speakers Bureau of members with different areas of expertise, for educational events hosted by hospitals, cancer centers, community clinics, professional associations, cancer advocacy organizations, and other groups. Click here for examples of past and future speaking events.
  • We also provide a myriad of educational materials and resources, including educational materials (e.g., Quick Guides, checklists, manuals, etc.), international, national, and state resources, a chart of state laws, and a series of animated videos, Twitter and Facebook Chats, and “Ask the Expert” calls.

We also share cancer survivorship information and late-breaking news with the cancer community through our educational blog.

In addition, we host www.CancerFinances.org, a toolkit to navigate finances after a cancer diagnosis.

Does Triage Cancer have a hotline?

No, Triage Cancer does not provide a hotline. However, people can contact us with their questions by email or phone.

Our goal is to steer people towards the most appropriate resources – whether those are medical, financial, practical, legal, or other psychosocial care resources. If you are looking for a resource, a good place to start is the Resources section.

We also recommend visiting www.CancerFinances.org, which is intended to guide you through some key topics that may impact your financial situation. By answering a series of questions, we will guide you to the information and resources most relevant to you. Whether you are newly diagnosed, or many years past active treatment, this site can help you navigate finances after cancer.

How can Triage Cancer help oncology health care professionals?

Educational Materials: Triage Cancer offers educational materials on a variety of topics.  This materials can be printed from the website, or they can be ordered in bulk amounts and shipped for free.

Trainings: Many of the events that Triage Cancer hosts offer free continuing education for nurses and social workers. For example, Triage Cancer has developed an Insurance and Finance Intensive for oncology health care professional on the health insurance, disability insurance, and financial issues facing patients and caregivers. In addition, Triage Cancer and Cancer and Careers offer a comprehensive  In-Service Training for oncology health care professionals, advocates, and human resources professionals on employment, health insurance, and disability insurance issues, to improve patient and caregiver access to valuable information about practical cancer survivorship issues.

Speakers Bureau: Health care professionals are often tasked with organizing educational events for their colleagues, patients, and caregivers. Triage Cancer makes this process easier for busy health care professionals by providing them with a single speaker for an educational event or multiple speakers on a variety of cancer survivorship topics through our Speakers Bureau. Triage Cancer can also provide event coordination and logistical support services for cancer survivorship educational events.

Click here for more information about how Triage Cancer can support oncology health care professionals.