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The federal and state legal landscape grows more complex every day. This is particularly true in the realm of health care and employment, which are two key areas of law that impact the cancer community. To address the increasing complexity, Triage Cancer is taking a number of steps, including forming a Legal Advisory Council. The overall goal is to deepen our relationships with the legal community in order to better serve the legal needs of the cancer community.

A wooden gavel sits on a table with law books and the scales of justice faded in the backgroundTriage Cancer’s Legal Advisory Council is made up of leaders in the legal community who have a connection to the cancer community and are interested in our work, and/or lawyers who have a subject matter expertise that pertains to the legal issues often faced by those in the cancer community.

Triage Cancer Legal Advisory Council Members are asked to lend their expertise on substantive areas of cancer-related issues, make recommendations on additional experts and groups we should be engaging, and make recommendations for new members of our Legal Advisory Council, Speakers Bureau, or Board of Directors, so that we may best serve the cancer community. Legal Advisory Council members are asked to participate in an annual conference call meeting of the Council.


Photo of Jennifer Adlhoch

Jennifer Adlhoch

Photo of Christie Bolsen Benear

Christie Bolsen Benear

Photo of Mysty Blagg LLP

Mysty Blagg , LLP

Photo of Reisa Brafman

Reisa Brafman

Photo of Lindsay R. Dailey

Lindsay R. Dailey

Photo of Megan DiTolla

Megan DiTolla

Photo of Beth Dombroski

Beth Dombroski

Photo of Gail Eisenberg

Gail Eisenberg

Photo of Lisa Ellis

Lisa Ellis

Photo of Kristiana Garcia

Kristiana Garcia

Photo of Elizabeth Green

Elizabeth Green

Photo of Linda Guthmann Krieger

Linda Guthmann Krieger

Photo of Caitlin Haney Johnston

Caitlin Haney Johnston

Photo of Kirk Hartley Esq.

Kirk Hartley , Esq.

Photo of Abigail Johnston

Abigail Johnston

Photo of Jennifer Ladisch Douglass

Jennifer Ladisch Douglass

Photo of Jamie Ledezma

Jamie Ledezma

Photo of Leonard Levy

Leonard Levy

Photo of Craig Liljestrand

Craig Liljestrand

Photo of Lauren Maxie

Lauren Maxie

Photo of Jen McDowell

Jen McDowell

Photo of Omar Ortega JD

Omar Ortega , JD

Photo of Kaitlyn O’Hara Esq.

Kaitlyn O’Hara , Esq.

Photo of Danielle Pardue Esq.

Danielle Pardue , Esq.

Photo of Jeffrey A. Rabin

Jeffrey A. Rabin

Photo of Sharbel Rantisi

Sharbel Rantisi

Photo of Jennifer Sawday

Jennifer Sawday

Photo of Cari Schwartz

Cari Schwartz

Photo of Michelle Shagenov

Michelle Shagenov

Photo of James Shea

James Shea

Photo of Kathryn Smolinski

Kathryn Smolinski

Photo of Joseph Trunk

Joseph Trunk

Photo of Chelsea Ukoha JD

Chelsea Ukoha , JD

Photo of Nicholas Vogelzang

Nicholas Vogelzang

Photo of Luvenia Williams

Luvenia Williams

Photo of Hilary Young

Hilary Young

Photo of Barbara Zabawa

Barbara Zabawa

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