CALL TO ACTION! Support Pending Fertility Preservation Legislation in New York

by Joyce Reinecke, JD,Executive Director, Alliance for Fertility Preservation 

The primary barrier for cancer patients seeking to preserve their fertility is cost.

Sperm banking, embryo freezing and egg freezing cost thousands of dollars. Because

New York State Capitol Building, Albany

New York State Capitol Building, Albany

these services are rarely covered by insurance, patients are typically left paying out of pocket in order to access these services. For many, especially while in the midst of a life-threatening health emergency, these costs are prohibitive, and future fertility is left to chance.

Legislation, however, is currently being considered in New York State that could change this situation. SB7219, authored by State Senator Diane Savino, would alter the current infertility mandate in New York to include coverage for standard fertility preservation services needed by those facing possible iatrogenic (medically-induced) infertility due to treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation and surgery.

The Alliance for Fertility Preservation applauds RESOLVE for its leadership on this legislation. Along with RESOLVE, we have joined forces with a coalition of groups to support this legislation.

We are asking that if you are a resident of New York, please contact your state representative to let them know how important this is for you! By bringing together voices of patients, professionals and families we can help make this change.

How You Can Get Involved:

If you are a cancer patient, survivor or family member who has been touched by this issue, please submit your email here:

Coalition to Help Families Struggling with Infertility – Link for Individuals

If you are a healthcare provider serving patients in New York who would be positively impacted by this coverage, please submit your email here:

Coalition to Help Families Struggling with Infertility – Link for Family Building Professionals

If your institution or nonprofit organization is interested in joining the Coalition to Help Families Struggling with Infertility, email advocacy@helpfamilieswithinfertility.net.

Time is of the essence! All communications should be submitted by June 2nd if possible; the last day of the NY legislative session is June 16th.


  1. To read the entire Bill: http://legislation.nysenate.gov/pdf/bills/2015/S7219
  2. To learn more about the Bill or the Coalition: Coalition to Help Families Struggling with Infertility Website

This blog was originally published on May 18, 2016, on The Alliance Blog

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