When someone you care about is diagnosed with cancer, there is a natural desire to find a way to help and support that person. For caregivers there are several things to think about, including legal protections and benefits at the federal, state, and even city levels that may be helpful to balance your caregiving responsibilities with your employment and help replace lost income. It is also important to keep in mind that as a caregiver, you need to care for yourself, and there are resources to support you.

Triage Cancer provides educational resources for caregivers to individuals diagnosed with cancer in the form of animated videos, Quick Guides, webinars, and more, to help address common legal and practical issues.

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Below you will find recordings of past webinars. Check out our upcoming webinars for up-to-date information on these topics here.

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Webinar Description

When someone is diagnosed with cancer it affects the entire family. A common concern is how to support children and teens through a parent or loved one’s diagnosis. Resilience is defined as “an ability to recover from or adjust easily to misfortune or change”. While some people have a natural ability to “bounce back” from challenging situations, most of us need help in navigating something as serious as a cancer diagnosis. Learn how to engage your natural strengths, pull together specific resources, and build new skills to create a stronger and more resilient family.

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Triage your future family despite a cancer history and long-term side effects. Learn about all your options including: natural, assisted reproduction, donor conception, surrogacy and adoption. Speakers will also discuss grieving losses and financial impact of each option.

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Presented by Julie Larsen
The role of the caregiver can be deeply meaningful and intimate. Yet the emotional, practical, and physical demands of the role can be mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausting. It is common to lose sight of your own needs. This webinar will provide tips to help you learn to listen to yourself, become more mindful of your unique stress responses, and develop habits you can use to care for yourself along the way. When your needs are acknowledged and met, you become a stronger and more capable caregiver.

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Relationships can a lot of work, even without a cancer diagnosis. Learn how to navigate a relationship with your partner after these changes in your life. Hear about the unique needs of partners facing cancer together, and what tools and tips are most helpful to build a stronger relationship during a difficult time

Webinar Description

This webinar will review and discuss the common emotions, reactions and challenges of preparing for life changes. This includes a loss through death, change in relationship, financial implications and daily and behavioral changes that occur as part of coping with loss. While the focus on this webinar will be on End of Life, topics will be applicable to overall life changes due to a cancer diagnosis and how caregivers and loved ones can best prepare and care for themselves leading up to, during and following these changes.

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Caregiving can be stressful. These resources that can provide support:

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