Cancer Finances with Financial Assistance text Getting Cancer-Related Financial Help

Cancer is expensive.

The financial burden of a cancer diagnosis is often referred to as financial toxicity.

A cancer diagnosis can impact a person's ability to maintain their income, increases out-of-pocket medical costs, and brings other unexpected expenses. That’s why we created

This free and easy-to-use resource is designed to help individuals diagnosed with cancer and their families navigate finances after a cancer diagnosis. It also connects people to Financial Assistance Resources.

Topics covered include:

  • Caregiving
  • Clinical Trials
  • Education Rights
  • Employment
  • Estate Planning
  • Disability Insurance
  • Family Planning
  • Health Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Managing Finances & Medical Bills
  • Prescription Drug Assistance


We also have a module on managing finances related to COVID-19, which talks about employment, insurance, and financial assistance programs.

Click here to pick a topic, answer questions based on your personal situation or what you are looking for, and will guide you to information tailored to your specific needs!

Triage Cancer also offers a number of other resources related to managing finances after a cancer diagnosis, including our Checklist for Avoiding Financial Toxicity.

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