It’s not too late to Enroll for Affordable Health Care!



Have you signed up for health care? It’s not too late! The deadline for open enrollment for health insurance through the State Health Insurance Marketplaces is this Monday, March 31st.

If you have been uninsured during 2014 so far, if you sign up before March 31st, you will not be charged a penalty for not having health insurance coverage and you will have access to affordable health care.

With a high number of individuals trying to enroll in the next few days, it is best to complete an application as soon as possible so that you are sure that you will be covered.

There are 17 states that run their own Marketplaces.  All other states can access their Marketplace through  For more information, click here.

Several states that have their own Marketplaces and have had glitches in the past few months, are aware that there might be problems with their websites, especially with the high amount of individuals trying to enroll. They are taking this into account by granting extensions, such as Oregon, who is allowing individuals to sign up through the end of April. In California, in order to have not missed the deadline, individuals must have started the application by March 31st, and complete the process by April 15. also announced this week that if someone had started an application before the deadline, but is unable to complete it in time, they would also be granted an extension to complete their application.

After Monday’s open enrollment deadline, consumers may still be eligible for the Marketplace’s Special Enrollment Period, if they have experienced one of these “qualifying life events,” as defined under the Affordable Care Act:

  • Getting married.
  • Having a baby or adopting a child.
  • Permanently moving to a new area that has different health options.
  • Losing other health care coverage that is considered minimum essential coverage.
  • A change in income that would affect an enrollee’s eligibility for financial assistance.

Remember, the deadline to enroll for health care is this Monday, March 31st!

To find out more information about health insurance options in your state, check out Triage Cancer’s State Resources.

Check out these links to find out more on the Marketplace and Medicaid expansion.


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