Jason Ketchum

Jason Ketchum is an entrepreneur, advisor and pizza enthusiast with nearly 15 years experience in building, growing and running companies in the tech space. Jason is the Chief Innovator at Narrative Leap, a consulting firm that works with startups and not for profits in the healthcare and healthcare technology space. Jason has also served as the Vice President of Growth at Arches Technology, a healthcare technology company with an integrated portfolio of HIPAA compliant software products that connects healthcare providers with patients to deliver just-in-time content to patients at key points along the health journey. He previously served as the GM of Outcome Health’s Healthcare System Organization (Enterprise) and Executive Director of Life Sciences. Outcome Health provides health intelligence to patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals at the point of care. Prior to joining Outcome, Jason worked as a consultant advising small and mid-size organizations. Jason also serves on the boards of a number of organizations that reflect his passion for health and education, including serving on the President’s Council of Augustana College (Rock Island, IL).