Medical Marijuana: A Post-Election Update

medical marijuanaOn Election Day, voters across the country showed they were in favor of legalizing medical marijuana, and in some states, recreational marijuana as well. California, Maine, Massachusetts, and Nevada voted to legalize the recreational use marijuana, while Arkansas, Florida, and North Dakota passed ballot initiatives legalizing medical marijuana.

Marijuana, whether used recreationally or for medical reasons is still illegal under federal law. However, over the last few years, the federal government has opted to let states pass laws in this area and not to prosecute people who are following those state laws.

We have posted previously about the laws related to medical marijuana, which you can read more about here.

President-elect Donald Trump has nominated Senator Jefferson Sessions for Attorney General of the United States. If confirmed, it is likely that Senator Sessions will take a different approach towards state laws on medical and recreational marijuana.

To learn more about Senator Sessions’ views on marijuana, read this informative article:

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