Head shot 3Pam Braun’s love of cooking started early, and has continued throughout her life. It began with her preparing dinners for her family of seven at the age of ten, progressed to her managing her first restaurant at twenty-one, and moved on to her owning her own at the age of twenty-nine.

She was diagnosed, at the age of 52, with late-stage fallopian tube cancer. She was given a 15% chance of survival and a 75% chance of recurrence. Her fierce determination to do all she could to help matters through her cancer journey led her on a still continuing expedition through the science of food and its relationship to cancer. Her research has led to the development of The Ultimate Anti-Cancer Cookbook, bringing her combined passions for good food and healthful living together. Pam is a member of the American Cancer Society’s 2016 Survivorship Team, a volunteer for the SHARE ovarian cancer national help line, and speaks extensively about the cancer/nutrition connection at cancer support organizations and hospitals throughout California.  She currently lives happily, healthfully, and cancer-free in Los Angeles.

Topics: Nutrition