Cancer Psychosocial Care: Helpful Resources for You and Your Family

When an individual is diagnosed with cancer, worries about finances, cancer health insurance, employment & work , can cause stress and anxiety. Triage Cancer offers many cancer resources to help with these practical and legal topics, but we also provide useful information on caring for your psychosocial needs.

What is Psychosocial care?

Psychosocial care for cancer patients involves attending to the emotional, psychological, social, spiritual, and practical needs and wishes of individuals diagnosed with cancer and their community of support.

Helpful Resources

The stress of a cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming. That’s why we created our Quick Guide to Cancer Stress Management, which includes techniques for managing stress, stress awareness, and an extra resource: Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR) and Guided Imagery (GI) Exercise.

We have also hosted many webinars on psychosocial care topics that are available for replay:

Our website offers a number of other resources dedicated to your emotional and psychological well-being, including a book list for parents, children, and teens.

You can find other information on our website by visiting our Resources by Topic page.

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