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Through Triage Cancer’s Speakers Bureau, cancer centers, hospitals, cancer organizations, and other groups that are coordinating educational events or cancer conferences can be connected with expert speakers on various cancer survivorship issues.

Triage Cancer's Speakers Bureau also includes cancer survivors and caregivers who have experience sharing their cancer journey with a variety of audiences. If you are planning an event, it is a good idea to request speakers as early as possible. Some of our speakers are often booked months in advance.

Below you can learn more about each speaker, sort speakers by particular areas of expertise, request a speaker directly, and read about potential topics that you may want to include in your next event!

Photo of Donna Hartley

Donna Hartley


Melanoma stage III  survivor,  professional inspirational speaker, former Miss Hawaii and television actress with over 100 appearances, she is author of the book Fire Up Your Life!, Fire Up Your Intuition!, and Fire Up Your Healing! a captivating account of the momentous events that reshaped her life.


Fire Up Your Healing! A Journey of Cancer and Heart Surgery

“Melanoma … stage III.” Those three words struck fear into every part of Donna’s body on March 1, 2002. Donna shares the ten-step health regime, blending a holistic approach with traditional medicine, that she developed after receiving her diagnosis of stage III melanoma.

After adhering to this health plan, she was told she was cancer-free. Four years later, on March 1, 2006 (the same date as her first two near-death experiences), Donna was on the operating table for surgery to replace a collapsing aortic valve. Again she initiated her ten-step health regime to be ready for her team of doctors and also planning for her recovery. Now she was adamant about replacing any self-defeating thoughts and breaking free of negative patterns forever.

In this presentation, you’ll learn how combining traditional Western medicine and holistic, alternative practices can fire up your own healing:

  • The physical and emotional benefits of positive self-talk.
  • Why you need to get up … get moving … exercise.
  • Grab the healthy food choices… but educate yourself first.
  • Tune out the negativity.
  • Incorporate alternative medicines and techniques that lead to better and healthier results.
  • Cultivate a daily action of visualization.
  • Learn healing meditations that calm the nerves.
  • Construct a team of professional healthcare providers to put you on the fast track to a new and improved you.
  • Become a proactive, two-way communicator with your healthcare team to gain your best outcomes.
  • Set a specific intention for your body, mind, emotions, and spirit to work together for healing.

She is the author of her own meditation CD and its accompanying workbook Healing Meditations Insights. Her compelling story has been featured on NBC, ABC, PBS, and in The New York Times. Donna is a member of the National Speakers Association, Screen Actors Guild and is the owner of Hartley International.. Donna has 6 stories in the Chocolate for a Women’s Soul series  and two stories in the  Chicken Soup for the Soul series.


Topics  Spirituality, Stress Management and Survivor Experiences