Triage Life: Part 3 –Taming Time Around the House

Cleaning is one of those activities that most people don’t enjoy. 

During cancer treatment, you may have a weaker immune system, which means that Triage Cancer Blog - Home Cleaningavoiding germs is crucial. One way to cut down on germs in your house is a no-shoes-in-the-house rule. A scary number of germs hide on the bottoms of your shoes and end up in your home.  You can keep a basket or a shoe shelf by your front or back door.  You can also clean the bottom of shows with antibacterial wipes (e.g., Clorox wipes). If you have pets that are tracking in dirt and germs, there are Pet-E-Pure all-natural antibacterial wipes ($10 for 100,

Here are more everyday cleaning tricks, brought to you by Real Simple that will make life easier, while saving you time and money:

If you don’t have the energy to clean, think about asking a family member or friend to help.  There are also organizations that may help for free, like Cleaning for a Reason.

Always feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day?

Watch this 30 second video for some time-saving tips in the Kitchen:

Have you ever thought to pin your socks together with a safety pin before washing them? Eliminate all that time searching for the missing sock!

How about hanging your Christmas tree lights vertically instead of around the tree?

Here are 30 more time-saving tips in the kitchen, around the house, and at the doctor’s office:

And, here are new uses for old things, which can save you time and money:

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