Cancer? Seriously?

The Untold Story of Life After Breast Cancer

My name is Melissa Burns.  I am 39 and I will be an eight year survivor in December. ICancerSeriously was living in Connecticut with my husband and two year old daughter, pregnant with my second daughter, when I found a lump in my right breast.  After an ultrasound and a core needle biopsy it was determined that I had Stage IIB breast cancer. Suddenly my joy of being pregnant was overshadowed by a very dark cloud of fear and uncertainty.  I was recommended to start treatment immediately and was told that the mastectomy and the first four rounds of chemotherapy would be safe for my unborn daughter.

I couldn't believe it.

But they were right, and Kaylie was born 6 weeks early so that I could continue with the second chemo cocktail for four more rounds.  My proof that the chemo hadn't passed through the placenta was when I saw her full head of black hair while I was the bald one.  I continued with my treatment and soon thereafter became an advocate and founder of a networking group for young women, Life After the Storm, based in Connecticut.

I thought the hard part was over… but soon found out I was wrong. The aftermath of breast cancer is the most difficult part of the journey.  It was in this crucible of struggle that my sisters in survivorship –  Rose, Laurie, Karen – and I, set out on this journey of documenting our life after the storm.

The ideal survivor, like a superwoman who simultaneously manages her home, family, and career, struggles valiantly to prevent cancer from affecting loved ones by appearing, behaving, and working as much as possible. (fr. Wikipedia, 2013)  I and many I encountered found this to be the impossible.

Cancer? Seriously? is a film that  focuses on survivorship and the struggles women and their families face as they move on after breast cancer treatment.  The issues are various and not easily defined, especially in regard to public awareness.

Cancer? Seriously? will explore these issues while following four amazing women as they face life after breast cancer.  Please check out these stories in our trailer through the link below and be inspired by these women's stories.  Cancer? Seriously? is an honest, uplifiting and heartbreaking film that will no doubt touch many, many people… just as this disease has touched countless families already. Thank you and please view the trailer here or on Facebook.

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