From Survivor to Thriver

By Sharon Stahl, LMSW ~ Support Program Coordinator, Sharsheret

“I did not survive breast cancer – I lived it and lived my life every day. I made a commitment to my family that we would not let this define me or us. We would continue to do everything we always did. I would not miss a concert, recital, school conference or work. With the help of family and friends, we thrived and I would like to think I set an example of empowerment for all of them.” – Sarah

As Sharsheret’s Support Program Coordinator, I regularly hear from breast cancer survivors thanking us for providing these resources for them during their time of need.  So often, I receive emails and letters stating that during their initial diagnosis, survivors turned to their familiesTriage Cancer Blog Surviving Breast Cancer TA kit, medical team, and friends to lean on, but once active treatment was completed, they weren’t sure where to go for support.  As part of Sharsheret’s Support Team, I am proud to be able to fill this void and offer vital resources from which so many women have already gained so much.  Survivorship with Sharsheret could not be summed up any better than by the inspirational words shared by Sarah, one of the many women we are privileged to call our Links, our peer supporters.

Sharsheret is proud to offer a variety of programs that provide resources to women at any stage of their breast cancer diagnosis, including survivorship.  Through a generous three-year cooperative agreement with the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Sharsheret developed the Thriving Again survivorship program.   Since its inception in 2011, more than 1,600 survivorship kits have been shared with breast cancer survivors nationwide.  Each kit includes a survivorship care plan to help women coordinate their survivorship care with their medical team, tailored resources with topics ranging from fertility to fear of recurrence, and a healthy living cookbook to enable the women that reach out to Sharsheret to kick start their survivorship journey with enhanced healthy living habits.

To order your tailored Thriving Again survivorship kit, click here, or contact me with any questions at 866.474.2774 or email me.

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