Medical Care

When diagnosed with cancer, individuals may need to make many decisions about their medical care. This page contains resources about medical care during and after cancer treatment, including managing side effects.

Our Webinars

Below you will find recordings of past webinars. Check out our upcoming webinars for up-to-date information on these topics here.

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Clinical trials give us medical advances. This webinar will provide tips on how to find clinical trials, dispel common myths, and explain insurance coverage for clinical trials.

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Precision medicine is becoming more prominent in the public arena, especially after Vice President Biden’s Cancer Moonshot Initiative announced during the last State of the Union Address. This webinar will address some of the most common questions around precision medicine such as: What is precision medicine? How does it relate to cancer? What impact will precision medicine have on your cancer treatment or that of your loved ones? Is precision medicine available today?

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This webinar will discuss the difference between genetics and genomics, and their importance in treatment decisions.

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This webinar will explain fertility preservation options, how to pay for fertility preservation, and how to appeal denials of coverage.

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According to the National Cancer Institute, “Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) is the term for medical products and practices that are not part of standard medical care. CAM for cancer care involves the patient’s mind, body, and spirit, and includes multidisciplinary approaches.” During this session learn about the risks and benefits of 5 CAM practices for those in active cancer treatment. Explore the latest research to trust or bust these CAM practices. Attendees will be left with practical information if they are interested in pursing CAM practices.

Webinar Description

Presented by Shirley Otis-Green, MSW
Too often patients learn about palliative care only when their cancer is advanced, but evidence tells us that earlier integration of palliative care is best. We’ll explore strategies to move palliative care upstream to improve quality of life for both patients and their families.

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This webinar will explain what hospice is, when it is appropriate, and how to navigate the psychosocial challenges of talking about hospice. How to find a hospice organization and how to pay for hospice care will also be covered.

Other Resources

Cancer Prevention and Treatment

National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health
An in-depth summary about cancer and navigating your diagnosis.

National Cancer Institute
Get the latest research information and guidance from the NIH and CDC.

Managing Side Effects

This Is Living With Cancer
Providing new methods and information to help you cope with the challenges that follow a cancer diagnosis.

Medical Marijuana:
Find the latest press releases, current events and information on legal medical marijuana research.

Talking with Your Doctor About Medical Marijuana
Preparing for and navigating an appointment with your doctor about potential cannabis therapeutics. 

Cancer Support Community ~ Frankly Speaking About Cancer: Treatments & Side Effects

Cancer Survivorship

American Society of Clinical Oncology ~ Survivorship
Information for cancer survivors and they're loved ones.

American Society of Clinical Oncology ~ ASCO Answers Cancer Survivorship
Managing your care post treatment.

American Cancer Society
 Survivorship: During and After Treatment
Staying active and healthy during and after your cancer treatment.

Children’s Oncology Group ~ Long-Term Follow-Up Guidelines for Survivors of Childhood, Adolescent, and Young Adult Cancers
Guidelines for young adult and children cancer survivors.

National Cancer Institute ~ Survivorship
Transitioning into a new way of life after your cancer treatment.