Partner Spotlight: Critical Mass

critical-massThe 9th Annual Conference this year continues the tradition of being the place to meet, reunite, strategize and learn with and from providers of all stripes from across the U.S. and even the UK, Canada and Australia. The 2015 Critical Mass Annual Conference will be in Chicago, Illinois November 4-6.

This year’s conference theme is “Elephants in the Room,” addressing some of the most challenging topics both system-wide and in direct patient care for AYAs with cancer. Topics at this year’s conference include sex, death, family building, how to get funding, defining success and collaborating across silos. The 2015 Critical Mass Annual Conference is the place to talk about all of the things that no one is talking about—but which we must bring out into the open to best care for AYAs with cancer.

And because the work of the AYA movement doesn’t only take place at this Annual Conference, delegates will leave with skills, strategies, new connections and new ideas for staring these elephants directly in the eyes, calling out their names and transforming them into opportunities to provide better and more relevant and responsive care to the AYAs they support, treat, care for and serve.

Key stakeholders in the AYA cancer movement have been convening annually since 1996 for a day and a half of teaching, learning, collaborating, exploring and building.

The AYA movement was born in a 2004 brainstorm meeting, which quickly progressed into a planning committee and the NCI Progress Review Group on Adolescent and Young Adult Oncology in the Spring of 2006. That fall, the first annual conference was held drawing over 100 hospitals and organizations together to transform cancer care for AYAs by increasing the specificity and the relevance of the delivery of care. Since that first conference, the number of delegates has increased, as has the diversity with healthcare professionals, advocates, government representatives, scientists and policy-makers working together towards one goal.

Early bird registration extended until August 14! Click here to register!

Check out the agenda here.

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