Calling Mission Control

A few weeks ago we highlighted some of the great work that our partners at Critical Mass are doing.  Here is just another example of that fantastic work – a one stop shop to search for AYA-specific programs in the US.  Of course Triage Cancer is delighted to be listed! 

Critical Mass recently launched Mission Control, the first of its kind, one-stop resource shop for AYA patients, survivors and their families looking for AYA-specific programs and services in the U.S.

Seekers simply enter their ZIP code, select a category and a list of resources, programs and services appear. The categories include medical care, practical resources, Mission Controlhealth information and emotional support, just to name a few.

Basic information such as diagnosis, age and phase of treatment can be entered to tailor the list to the exact needs of the seeker. No more combing through list upon list of web links to programs that might not even be relevant, for which the seeker is not eligible or that are simply dead-end or broken links.

This innovative tool was built for survivors, friends, family members, advocates and healthcare providers of all kinds–anyone who is looking for services specific to AYAs. Providers searching for the perfect referrals will find Mission Control to be a fantastically efficient tool: You can save searches, print searches, email programs to a friend, survivor or colleague, and you can mark your favorites so you can quickly find your go-to programs every login.

Each entry in Mission Control includes a brief description of the program or service, contact information, website, location, eligibility criteria and clear directions on how to connect with the organization.

We want every organization that provides an AYA-specific service or program to be included in Mission Control, so there is no charge for eligible programs or resources to be listed. Getting listed is as easy as sending an email to Rebecca Block or clicking the ‘Suggest a program’ button inside Mission Control and completing the form. So if you know of a program that is not listed, get in touch!

Mission Control increases visibility for AYA-focused organizations, streamlines the referral process for busy healthcare professionals, and ensures that survivors and providers alike both know what services are available, and have the information they need to access these services. Mission Control quickly and easily puts the answers about AYA cancer services at the fingertips of every AYA, healthcare provider, family member and friend seeking such services.

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