Retiree Health Insurance Plans

Has a neighbor told you that his daughter is still covered by his health insurance plan, even though his daughter is 24?

Wondering why you haven’t gotten any information that your son, who is 23, can?

Do you have a retiree-only health insurance plan?

If so, some of the recent consumer protections in the Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act (ACA) may not apply to you and your health plan.

These are all examples of ACA protections that do not apply to retiree-only plans:

For more information, visit: http://kff.org/report-section/retiree-health-benefits-at-the-crossroads-implications-of-recent-legislation-for-retiree-health-coverage.

And for those of you who like to get in the weeds, here is a handy chart with additional information about ACA provisions that don’t apply to specific types of health plans: http://www.proskauer.com/files/uploads/Documents/Applicability-of-PPACA-to-Health-Plans.pdf

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