Volunteer Opportunity: LIVESTRONG

livestrong-logoHave you or a loved one been impacted by cancer? Are you interested in volunteering for a mission-based organization specifically focused on the needs of those affected by cancer? Are you interested in making a difference in your local cancer community? 
LIVESTRONG means doing the best and the most for those affected by cancer, now! Our vision is that people living with cancer have everything they need throughout their journey. We provide individuals and communities with best-in-class programs and services that meaningfully improve their cancer experience. LIVESTRONG is about the person, not the disease.
With this in mind, the LIVESTRONG Leaders volunteer their time acting as community representatives to help LIVESTRONG strengthen our mission, amplify our message and expand our movement of supporters in local communities and online in three distinct ways: providing education and raising awareness around our programs and services, participating in LIVESTRONG supported and sanctioned legislative advocacy activities and taking part in Team LIVESTRONG and grassroots fundraising efforts. 
As ambassadors and boots on the ground in their local communities, LIVESTRONG Leaders speak to our mission, connect individuals to our services and advocate for change. Listen as some of our Leaders share their experience of participating in this important role. 
The LIVESTRONG Leader Program is a key engagement strategy for LIVESTRONG at the community level to deploy individuals across the globe in support of our mission and now is your chance to get involved! Applications for the 2017 program are now open here. The application will close on Friday, November 18. 

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