A Magazine for the Cancer Community

A Magazine for the Cancer Community

Triage Cancer is a proud partner of Cancer Today magazine as they provide practical knowledge to keep the cancer community informed and inspired. Read more about our wonderful partner below!

Published quarterly by the American Association for Cancer Research, Cancer Today magazine is the authoritative resource for cancer patients, survivors, and their family members and friends. In every issue, Cancer Today offers information and inspiration as readers face the challenges of diagnosis, treatment, survivorship or caregiving. 

Cancer Today subscriptions are free to cancer patients, survivors and caregivers who live in the U.S.

Regularly appearing departments and sections include:

Survivor Profiles – Inspiring stories of everyday survivors accomplishing extraordinary things.

Sound Advice – Guidance from top clinicians, researchers and advocates who help readers navigate the physical, medical and emotional issues that come with a cancer diagnosis.

Forward Look – The latest cancer science and health news to help readers live fuller, healthier lives.

Caregiving With Confidence – Practical advice from caregivers who have been there.

Healthy Habits – Stories that go beyond the latest news on diet, exercise and lifestyle to help readers understand the research and how it can be applied to their lives as cancer patients, survivors or caregivers.

Features – In-depth explorations of the latest trends in cancer research, patient care and survivorship, including clinical trials, drug development, late and long-term effects, treatment advances and more.

Here is the digital version of a recent issue.

 Joanna Morales and Monica Bryant, Triage Cancer’s CEO and COO, have both been interviewed by Cancer Today on the various practical and legal issues that impact individuals diagnosed with cancer and their caregivers, including Medicare, returning to work, disclosure and privacy online, and how disability insurers can monitor patients online. 

Check out the following articles to see what the leaders of Triage Cancer had to say about these important issues: 


Find out more about Cancer Today  and read their current issue today!

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