Triage Cancer Animated Video Series: Now Available in English, Spanish, & Tagalog

Triage Cancer offers a series of animated videos that explain important topics for individuals diagnosed with cancer and their caregivers. The videos are each about 5 minutes long and are now available in English and Spanish. You can also watch our videos with subtitles in English, Spanish, and Tagalog.

We currently offer these videos:

  • Health Insurance Basics: This video covers the key terms that people need to understand about health insurance, and an example of how an out-of-pocket maximum works to lower your out-of-pocket costs.
  • Picking a Health Insurance Plan: This video walks you through an example of how to pick a health insurance plan that covers your providers and prescription drugs, and has the lowest out-of-pocket costs.
  • Options When Losing Insurance at Work: This video shares the various options for health insurance coverage, if you lose your coverage at work.
  • Dealing with Side Effects at Work: This video talks about how you can use reasonable accommodations to help you manage your side effects at work and protect your job.
  • How to Find & Pay for Clinical Trials: This video shares information about how to find a clinical trial and how insurance covers clinical trials.
  • Cancer Survivorship Care Plans: This video providers an overview of cancer survivorship care plans, while they can be useful, and how to get one.
  • Supporting Caregivers: This video talks about the employment rights of caregivers, how to replace lost wages, and other resources to support caregivers.


More topics are coming soon, so visit our Animated Videos page regularly for the latest videos!

For more information about the practical and legal issues that may come with a cancer diagnosis, be sure to check out Triage Cancer’s free Quick Guides and Checklists or visit

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