A New Way to Support Cancer and Medical Research

molecuresWe recently were introduced to a group that has found a creative way for individuals to help fund cancer research.  moleCures(mol-e-cures), is a new crowdfunding platform that connects donors directly to researchers to fast track funding to ground breaking innovation.

Similar to Kickstarter or our friends at GiveForward, crowdfunding is a way to raise monetary contributions from a large number of people (crowd) via the internet towards a common goal, service, project, etc. This method of raising funds has been very successful and continues to grow with viral trends of social media and word of mouth.

moleCures is unique due to the credibility and choice it offers.

CREDIBILITY: moleCures takes the time to vet all of the research projects with researchers from accredited academic research institutions who have published peer reviewed studies so that donors can feel confident that their research dollars are going directly to a credible research project. What’s even better? The research projects will take place once it’s been funded so there’s transparency and a direct impact from the donation dollars.

CHOICE: moleCures also offers donors the opportunity to donate directly or create a campaign to fundraise for a research project of their own choice. Creating a campaign is a meaningful way to share their donor story. Whether you’ve lost loved ones to cancer or would like to raise money in behalf of yourself, someone, or a foundation, you can fully customize your campaign page and tell your story.

Learn more about the current research projects from Harvard/Brigham and Women’s hospital . The researchers are inspired by helping and saving patients and could use your support. Make a difference by donating, campaigning, or simply spreading the word over social media.

Like what moleCures is doing? More research projects and events will be coming soon. Stay connected with moleCures by following on Twitter or liking on Facebook.

DISCLAIMER: This post is designed to provide general information on the topics presented. Triage Cancer is not endorsing the organization(s) mentioned in any way.

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