Accelerating Hope for the Lymphoma Community

In honor of National Blood Cancer Awareness Month, we are delighted to highlight the great work our partners at Lymphoma Research Foundation are doing!


In the world of lymphoma research, the past year has been a microcosm of what we have been witnessing in the laboratory over the past two decades. Each new drug approval, improved therapy, and scientific advancement has compounded to Triage Cancer Blog September Blood Cancer Awareness Monthcreate a momentum that continues to accelerate within the research community each day. However, this September, the lymphoma community itself stands at a critical inflection point, faced with the challenge of harnessing this groundswell of scientific hope in support of the 700,000 Americans living with lymphoma today. This year’s Blood Cancer Awareness Month will provide an opportunity for the Lymphoma Research Foundation and the community it serves to honor the accomplishments of the past by supporting those touched by the disease today, raising awareness in their honor.

Every seven minutes, someone in the United States in diagnosed with lymphoma. The disease accounts for nearly one-in-five cancer diagnosis among children, and sadly costs 20,170 lives in the U.S. each year. In an effort to address a disparity between the pervasiveness of the disease and its broad awareness level, the Lymphoma Research Foundation has helped to spearhead a national movement to designate September as National Blood Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM) by United States Congress. In the five years since its inception, LRF has been a leader in raising public awareness through its Light it Red for Lymphoma campaign — encouraging individuals and businesses to shed a light on lymphoma by lighting their homes, offices, schools and local landmarks red, changing their social media profiles red, and wearing red to work, in an effort to both raise awareness about this type of blood cancer, and give hope to those who have been affected by this disease.

However, this year’s BCAM holds particular significance for the Lymphoma Research Foundation as an organization as well. LRF hopes that this year’s monumental display of support during BCAM inspires a resounding momentum of awareness as the organization prepares to celebrate its 20th North American Educational Forum on Lymphoma, as well as its 20th Annual Gala, this October. Over the last twenty years, these two events have supported the Foundation’s dual mission by raising funds for lymphoma research and providing education and support to those affected by lymphoma. Together, these two events have made great strides in accelerating hope for those currently living with lymphoma.

It is our hope that this September, as millions witness their local, national, and international landmarks light up red for lymphoma in a show of solidarity and support, the lymphoma community will appreciate the display as both a milestone of the past twenty years, and a mile-marker of a future without lymphoma.

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