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A New Tool to Connect Cancer Patients: MyCancerHaven

This blog post is from our organizational partner MyCancerHaven, a nonprofit organization that offers a custom-designed, curated, and moderated, cloud-based platform for cancer patients, and cancer-focused experts, researchers, and organizations.

What does MyCancerHaven do?

MyCancerHaven provides cancer-type specific ecosystems where patients can form communities with their peers and a sanctuary with family and friends. It also brings together patients and cancer-related experts from leading academic institutions and organizations in the United States.

The platform provides vetted information to cancer patients by using a variety of media channels including videos, blogs, cancer-type specific news, and Twitter feeds. The platform seeks to raise awareness of research initiatives leading to advancements in treatment and care.

By bringing together a large community of individuals who are committed to making a difference, the platform seeks to mobilize collective action and advocacy efforts, helping to drive meaningful change for cancer patients. The design of the platform with specific permissions and firewalls provides a forum for seamless flow of information and communication.

Why was MyCancerHaven created?

Patients with cancer and their caregivers wish to be active participants in their health care and actively seek information on health care. Patients usually begin their search for information using online search engines, like Google.

It is easy to get overwhelmed with the amount of information on the internet. And, it can be difficult to figure out if information found online relates to their specific situation. Patients also find it difficult to identify and connect with experts in their specific type of cancer.

Patients may find that they lack the tools to voice their opinions and be active participants in their health care. And they seek to gain support by interacting with their peers on social media platforms. But it can also be difficult to sort through the information shared on social media.

Cancer experts and organizations also find it difficult to share information about educational and research initiatives to a broad audience of patients and get patient perspectives about their needs.

The concept of MyCancerHaven was born out of the belief that the solution was to harness the power of information technology to develop a single patient-centric platform curated and moderated by experts with a comprehensive set of tools that would make it possible for patients with cancer and health care professionals, researchers, and patient advocacy groups to connect, exchange information, and collaborate.

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