An Advocacy Win for CA: Access to Fertility Preservation

Individuals that undergo certain cancer treatments, like chemotherapy for example, may find that those treatments cause infertility. In addition to the burdens cancer causes physically and mentally, it also can be financially taxing. When medical bills are already piling up for individuals diagnosed with cancer, they shouldn’t have to give up their opportunity to have biological children in the future, or fall deeper into debt.

Health insurance companies have refused to pay for fertility preservation services, arguing that infertility is specifically excluded from their plans.

However, California made major progress this month, with a bill signed by Gov. Gavin Newsom requiring health insurance companies in California to cover the cost of fertility procedures for patients undergoing certain treatment that could pose fertility problems.

What is fertility preservation?

Fertility preservation is the process of saving or protecting eggs, sperm, or reproductive tissue so that a person can use them to have children in the future. Our Quick Guide on Fertility Preservation explains the different options and their costs, as well as financial assistance options.

What if you’re not in California?

If you do not live in California and you are denied coverage for fertility preservation, you can file an expedited external appeal (at the same time as an internal appeal), which must be decided within 72 hours. For more information, see our Quick Guide to Appeals for Employer-Sponsored & Individual Health Insurance or our webinar on Understanding Appeals!

Curious if your state has a fertility preservation law or proposed legislation? Check out this resource.

Think there should be fertility preservation laws in your state? Get engaged in advocacy.

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