Cancer Advocacy

Our cancer advocacy resources provide information and tools to help individuals diagnosed with cancer, their caregivers, and health care professionals become empowered advocates. There are many ways to be an advocate,

What is Advocacy?

ad·vo·ca·cy /ˈadvəkəsē/: The application of pressure and influence on the people and/or institutions that have the power to give you what you want.

Our Resources

How to Find Your Elected Officials

Common Cause
A non-partisan organization that provides information about elected officials at all levels of government. 

How to Contact Your Elected Officials

Members of Congress: Social Media Handles
Members of Congress are increasingly using social media such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to engage with their constituents. Find your elected official's social media handles here!

How to Find Federal Legislative Information

The Library of Congress
To find information on bills, resolutions, activity in Congress, the Congressional Record, schedules, calendars, committee information, presidential nominations, treaties, and other government resources.

How to Find State Legislative Information

Triage Cancer State Resources

Legislative Calendars

Download the 2021 House Vote Schedule

This calendar indicate the days (black dates) that the House of Representatives is in session.

Download the 2021 Senate Schedule

This calendar indicate the days (black dates) that the Senate is in session.

Download the Current State Legislature Calendar

This calendar shows convene and adjourn dates for all 50 state legislatures and Washington, D.C.

Download the Current Congressional Calendar

This calendar provides session dates for both the House and Senate.

The Legislative Process

Our Webinars

Below you will find recordings of past webinars. Check out our upcoming webinars for up-to-date information on these topics here.

Webinar Description

This webinar will provide insider's tips for how to better engage in legislative advocacy and how to leverage this information to benefit the cancer community.

Webinar Description

What does a patient advocate DO anyway? Join us to learn how you can use your experience and unique voice to effect change and improve cancer care. Whether you want to focus on research, access to care, or the financial toxicity of being a patient, we'll cover ways to get involved. Learn which organizations provide training and/or resources to get you started, as well as the elements of what makes a good “pitch” in patient advocacy.

Webinar Description

Social media is a powerful tool for advocacy, however, many individuals in the cancer community are unsure of how to most effectively use Twitter. This webinar will cover everything from the basics of setting up an account, to how to tweet and engage in Tweet Chats. The speakers will also discuss issues around privacy and online disclosure. While examples will be focused on advocacy in the Breast Cancer Community, the information presented can be extrapolated to all communities and many types of advocacy.

Partner Resources

Our Advocacy Efforts

Triage Cancer's 2022 Legislative Advocacy Priorities

Cancer Coalitions

Triage Cancer is proud to be a member of the following coalitions, working towards improving laws for people coping with cancer.

One Voice Against Cancer

ASTHO’s 22 by 22 CDC Campaign

I Am Essential Coalition

The Coalition to Protect Parenthood After Cancer

Prostate Cancer Impact Alliance