Helping You Manage Your Medical Bills

Before paying your medical bills, it is important to review them carefully and compare them to the Explanation of Benefits (EOB) that you receive from your insurance company. Reviewing your medical bills can help you avoid paying more than you need to for your medical care. For more information about managing your medical bills, visit https://TriageCancer.org/Cancer-Finances

Triage Cancer and CoPatient have partnered to help individuals diagnosed with cancer avoid overpaying for their health care.

We are excited to announce that CoPatient has agreed to extend its exclusive pricing for those who have learned about CoPatient through Triage Cancer. People who sign up by September 30, 2021, will receive CoPatient’s services for free, for 12 months! There’s no catch.

CoPatient helps people with medical bills to review them before paying, to make sure the bills are fair and accurate. On average, CoPatient saves $500 per advocated bill and saves members countless hours of stress, frustration, and hassle, through their easy-to-use online portal.

Many people have already signed up and used CoPatient’s services as a result of this partnership, and we are seeing a wonderful success rate with their billing support.

Through Triage Cancer, CoPatient is offering a special program that is free for the first year, and then $9.99/month or $99/year for unlimited support with bills. You can cancel at any time. CoPatient will never charge members anything without checking in first; they will never make an unauthorized charge, ever; and all CoPatient services are Opt-In (no hidden fees or sudden charges). They work transparently to help support people who are receiving medical care with their bills.

Don’t miss out on this special offer!

Through this partnership between Triage Cancer and CoPatient, the monthly fees will be waived for 12 months, for people who sign up for CoPatient’s services, by September 30, 2021.

About CoPatient

CoPatient is a leading provider of health care bill management and advocacy services. Their tools and services make it easier for users to gather, organize, and verify health care bills and related documents, find and correct errors, file appeals, negotiate discounts, and conveniently pay for health care bills that are more fair, accurate, and affordable.

CoPatient’s tools and services help users:

  • Gather supporting documents for medical, dental, and vision bills, such as explanation of benefits (EOBs), itemized bills, and medical records;
  • Review these documents and offer advice on how to take next steps to address any concerns;
  • Appeal denials of coverage when they are based on administrative errors by providers and/or carriers (e.g., use of wrong codes, inaccurate billing, or improper application of plan benefits);
  • Negotiate discounts on medical bills before or after getting medical care;
  • Apply for financial assistance from health care providers or health care companies (e.g., pharmaceutical companies); and
  • Simplify bill payment and arrange for payment plans.

What does it cost?

Through this partnership, CoPatient would normally cost $99 per year and includes unlimited review of bills $500 or more, access to bill management and self-help tools, and discounts on the premium services described below. If, after reviewing your bills, CoPatient finds that you might benefit from their premium services, they will tell you what it will cost, and the decision will be up to you if you want to use those services. 

  • Bill Review: Free for all bills $500 or more, $29 flat fee for bills less than $500. 
  • Appeals and Financial Assistance Applications: Price ranges from $29-$299, depending on the required level of effort.
  • Negotiation: 25% of the actual savings achieved, with a minimum fee of $99 and a maximum fee based on the case details.
  • Bill Payment: 5% cash back on health care bills not covered by insurance, and 1% cash back on other health care bills paid from your bank account.
  • Payment plans and lines of credit (expected to be available in late 2021)
  • You can cancel at any time time, with no penalty.

Frequently asked questions about medical bills:

Why are my bills so expensive even though I stayed in network?

Insurance companies may deny coverage for your medical care because you did not get a prior authorization for your care, or because they claim that your care was not medically necessary. CoPatient can help you understand your bills, negotiate expensive bills, and apply for financial assistance.

Why do I have a bill if I already paid my deductible?

You may still have co-payments and co-insurance amounts that you are responsible for paying until you reach your out-of-pocket maximum. To understand more about these terms and how out-of-pocket maximums work, watch Triage Cancer’s animated video on Health Insurance Basics. CoPatient can verify your benefits, help fix any errors, negotiate expensive bills, and apply for financial assistance.

Why did I get billed for out-of-network services when I went to an in-network hospital?

Some health care providers, such as anesthesiologists and emergency room doctors, may be out-of-network for your insurance plan, even when you go to a facility that is in-network. CoPatient can check to see if there are legal protections in your state against these “surprise bills,” negotiating expensive bills, and apply for financial assistance programs.

I have very expensive bills for out-of-network care.

Going out-of-network for your medical care can result in large bills. CoPatient can usually negotiate expensive bills, and sometimes appeal to have them paid at in-network rates.

Why was I billed for services I never received?

It is common for there to be some errors in documenting services and fees on your medical bills. CoPatient can help gather and verify your bills and medical records, get errors fixed, and report fraudulent behavior if needed.

What is your track record helping others like me?

The CoPatient team has decades of experience in finding and fixing errors in medical billing and has helped thousands of health care consumers understand and verify their bills and pay no more than they must.

CoPatient typically completes reviews of bills and related documentation within a few days of receiving them. Gathering additional documentation that may be needed, negotiating settlements, and working through appeals can take a few weeks – or sometimes longer – depending on the complexity of the case and the responsiveness of your health care providers, insurance carriers, and others involved.

While savings vary widely based on the details of each case, they are usually meaningful, especially on expensive bills. On bills that are not covered by insurance, CoPatient is typically able to save a patient between 20% and 50%, and sometimes more. On other bills that qualify for a negotiated settlement, such as expensive in-network deductibles or co-insurance amounts, CoPatient is usually able to save between 10% and 20%, or more, especially when a prompt payment commitment can be made. On appeals related to administrative errors, CoPatient is usually successful in gaining substantial savings through improved insurance coverage.

How does CoPatient work with employers?

CoPatient works with employers, who offer these services to their employees as a free employee benefit. If you think CoPatient services could be useful to your co-workers, please have your employer contact employer@CoPatient.com to discuss our highly affordable employee benefit plans. 


Disclaimer: Triage Cancer often identifies resources that may be helpful to the cancer community. Choosing to sign up for CoPatient’s services does not establish a relationship with Triage Cancer. Triage Cancer is not responsible for any outcomes related to the use of CoPatient’s services.