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HealthWell Foundation: Copay assistance for cancer patients

The HealthWell Foundation, a nationally recognized non-profit organization, has served as a safety net across over 85 disease areas for more than 822,000 underinsured patients.  

HealthWell has provided over $3.3 billion in financial support through more than 1.3 million grants to access life-changing medical treatments patients otherwise would not be able to afford.

Providing financial assistance to people living with cancer has always been a priority at HealthWell. 

Over the last few years, HealthWell has expanded its presence in the oncology space and now supports over 35 oncology copay assistance funds, including Multiple Myeloma, Prostate Cancer, Acute Myeloid Leukemia, and Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer in addition to special initiative funds in behavioral health and pediatrics.  

To date, HealthWell has awarded over $1.66 billion in medication copayment and insurance premium assistance across 39 oncology funds through more than 440,500 grants to over 310,600 underinsured patients.

HealthWell recognizes the unmet needs of oncology patients and the importance mental health has on treatment, recovery, and overall well-being. For many underinsured Americans in need of behavioral health services, the ability to access and pay for them may be unattainable.  

Through HealthWell’s Cancer-Related Behavioral Health Fund, HealthWell provides up to $2,000 in copayment assistance for behavioral health treatments related to a cancer diagnosis. These funds help cover out-of-pocket treatment-related costs for prescription drugs, counseling services, psychotherapy, and transportation.  

HealthWell has assisted more than 450 oncology patients seeking behavioral health services with more than $221,000 in awards, through 600 grants, to assist individuals in need of cancer-related behavioral health treatments.  

To learn more about HealthWell’s robust oncology fund portfolio, eligibility, and how to apply, please visit HealthWell’s Disease Funds page. 

 You can also sign up for Real-Time Fund Alerts to receive instant notifications (via email or text) about HealthWell’s diverse portfolio of oncology funds in real-time. 

For more information about managing finances after a cancer diagnosis, visit TriageCancer.org/financial.

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