How to Manage Side Effects at Work: Increasing Awareness of Reasonable Accommodations

Support for AYA cancer survivors during and post-cancer treatment can often be scarce. Research has shined a spotlight on topics that need more awareness brought to the table, including the importance to educating people about their rights in the workplace.

In “The Survey for People Affected by Cancer” developed by LIVESTRONG, they found that treatment for cancer, like chemotherapy, had a direct effect on an individual’s ability to perform work-related functions.

In an article published by Oncology Nurse Advisor, authors of the survey stated: “This work is important for understanding the challenges unique to AYA cancer survivors as they relate to employment during and after cancer therapy. The current results suggest that further longitudinal studies and interventions are needed to describe and support AYA cancer survivors in the workforce during and after cancer-directed therapy.”

Additional research can certainly help identify additional needs of AYA cancer survivors related to navigating work.

In the meantime, Triage Cancer provides free education on the practical and legal issues facing cancer survivors, including navigating work, including working through treatment, taking time off work, accessing disability benefits, and returning to work.

For someone who is working through treatment or returning to work, reasonable accommodations can be one of the most effective legal tools to help people manage side effects at work.

What are “reasonable accommodations?”

The legal definition of a reasonable accommodation is “any change in the work environment or in the way things are customarily done that enables an individual with a disability to enjoy equal employment opportunities.”

Triage Cancer breaks down how this legal protection can provide a very practical tool to help people manage their side effects at work, to be able to continue working or return to work.

Check out our free resources to learn how reasonable accommodations might help you:

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