Helpful Resources for Any Individual Dealing With a Cancer Diagnosis

“Many people like to think that cancer ends when treatment ends. In some cases, that's true, and that's great. In other cases, though, there are more battles to be fought, a lot more.” 

In a recent article published by, the author described his frustration with the lack of resources available to childhood cancer survivors regarding work and employment.

As an organization whose sole purpose is to provide education and help people navigate cancer survivorship issues, we wanted to make sure that people are aware of the some of the resources that may be helpful.

The author of the article, Ryan Hamner, is right— the road blocks and difficult situations don’t always end when the cancer goes away. “As I've written about before, many studies have shown that childhood cancer survivors are at a higher risk of suffering from heart disease, stroke, depression and other health issues later on in life. There are also plenty of studies that show we are more inclined to have issues with employment,” Hamner said.

Triage Cancer provides educational materials and resources created to directly help individuals diagnosed with cancer and their caregivers. This includes our Employment Resources, which feature helpful Quick Guides and Checklists on topics like Reasonable Accommodations, the FMLA, Chemo Brain, and so much more! Listed on this page are also JAN Accommodation Ideas by Occupation or Topic and other helpful resources for finding work.

We also offer webinars related to work and employment issues, including our “Taking Time Off and Paying For It” webinar.

Aside from offering resources to cancer survivors and patients, we find it necessary to also offer information and trainings to caregivers and health care professionals, so they can pass on this information to patients. We partnered with Cancer and Careers to develop a comprehensive In-Service Training (Navigating Cancer: Work & Insurance) for oncology health care professionals and advocates on employment issues. We also provide trainings on these topics for patients and caregivers across the country.

We are constantly adding to our library of resources and expanding ways to provide education, such as our animated video series and, which is a separate website that we offer to educate people on topics that may impact finances after a cancer diagnosis.

Be sure to visit our website to check out the resources listed above, or if you’re interested in any hard-copy materials of our Quick Guides or Checklists, you can go here.

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