How Do You Deal With Side Effects at Work? Watch our New Reasonable Accommodations Video

Last week, on the Triage Cancer website, we debuted the latest video in our Animated Video series: “Dealing With Side Effects At Work.”

That video is now available in Spanish, and with the option for subtitles in English and Spanish. It tackles issues that may arise if you need to work during or after treatment and how “Reasonable Accommodations” may help you find solutions.

“What if my employer thinks I can’t work anymore?” 

“What if my employer doesn’t understand that I need a different work space now?”

 “I have an odd job, will Reasonable Accommodations still apply to me?”

All these questions and more are answered in this new video!

Did you know that under the ADA, an employer may be required to allow an eligible employee with a disability (including a cancer diagnosis) to work a modified work schedule as a reasonable accommodation? Www.Askjan.org covers this topic in-depth in their blog post here.

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