Medi-Cal Coverage for all Children in California

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California Senator Ricardo Lara on his #Health4AllKids Tour

The question of whether or not health care is a right or a privilege has been under discussion across the country.  California has taken a step closer to health care being a right.

Under SB 75, authored by California State Senator Ricardo Lara, children under the age of 19 will now be eligible for full-scope Medi-Cal coverage regardless of their immigration status.

Medi-Cal is California’s Medicaid program, which provides free or low-cost health insurance coverage for individuals with a low household income level.

Currently, under federal law, individuals without satisfactory immigration status are only given emergency Medi-Cal, which only provides access to emergency health services.  California is blazing a trail with SB 75, to provide children with full Medi-Cal coverage, which includes benefits such as:

  • Medical Care
  • Dental Care
  • Mental Health Care
  • Vision (Eye) Care
  • Preventive Care

As of May 1, 2016, individuals may begin seeking coverage, as long as they meet the income standards. For those who sign up during May, the coverage will be retroactive back to May 1.

In order to receive Medi-Cal, some individuals will have to pay a monthly premium based on household size and income.  Only those earning more than 160% and less than 266% of the federal poverty level will have to pay a monthly premium.

 Where can people enroll?

In-Person: County Social Services Office
Online: Covered California
Mail:  Medi-Cal Single Streamlined Application

For more information on SB 75: Healthy Kids for All,  visit the California Department of Health Care Services website.

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