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November 18, 2020, VeryWell Health, Insurance Status Impacts Access to Quality Surgical Care, Study Finds

Fall 2020, Heal Magazine, What You Need to Know About Returning to Work During the Pandemic

November 7, 2020, Cancer Medicine, (Research), Work changes and individual, cancer‐related, and work‐related predictors of decreased work participation among African American cancer survivors

November 3, 2020, Cure, Cancer Rights Attorney, Advocate Reminds People to Investigate Health Insurance Options

October 19, 2020, Wayne State, Wayne Law launches new clinics to address community advocacy, immigration appeals

October 7, 2020, The Simple Dollar, How to Pay for Breast Cancer Treatments During COVID-19

September 22, 2020, Pfizer.com, Steps For Managing Finances and Health Insurance After a Cancer Diagnosis

September 18, 2020: CancerToday, Learning Medicare’s ABCDs

September 11, 2020: Oncology Nurse Advisor, Navigating Health Insurance for Patients With Cancer

September 10, 2020: Yahoo! Finance, Space still available for daylong cancer conference that will address health insurance, employment issues, finances, being an empowered patient and more

August 31, 2020: HealthWell Foundation Launches New Fund to Assist Medicare Patients Living with Prostate Cancer

August 17, 2020: The Daily Herald, Returning to Work During COVID-19

August 13, 2020: cancertoday, Returning to Work During COVID-19

July 29, 2020: CLAIG, Health Law Section’s annual Emerging Issues in Healthcare Law Conference – 10/13/2021

July 22, 2020: SABCS and Tigerlily partnership, Improving Healthcare Equity and Access for Women of Color 

July 6, 2020: Change Together, Reaching underserved communities is about being accessible

June 24, 2020: Know Your Lemons Breast Cancer Foundation, The Importance of Understanding Health Insurance

June 19, 2020: Change Together, Who Cares for Caregivers

June 10, 2020: Change Together, Cancer Education Information Overload

April 29, 2020: Healthline News, 1 in 5 Cancer Survivors Stays at Their Job Due to Fears of Losing Health Insurance

April 23, 2020: WTVR CBS 6, Living with Cancer During COVID-19

April 22, 2020: Cure Today, Continuing Your Career During and After the Cancer Journey

February 10, 2020: Lymphoma Research Foundation, Pulse: Playing the Long Game in Lymphoma Research

January 29, 2020:


December 23, 2019: Cancer Today, Secure Connections

December 23, 2019: Cancer Today, How Disability Insurers Monitor Patients Online 

October 21, 2019: Oncology Nursing News, Stress Management for Nurses

October 11, 2019: BreastCancer.org, How to Talk to Your Employer and Coworkers About Your MBC

October 1, 2019: WebMD.com, Cancer and the Workplace

September 19, 2019: Living Beyond Breast Cancer, Most Young Women Back at Work Within a Year of Early-Stage Breast Cancer Diagnosis

July 8, 2019: Press Release: Triage Cancer to Address Financial Toxicity in Free Training in Washington, DC

July 1, 2019: CureToday.com, Reasonable Accommodations Can Make Working Through Cancer Treatment Easier 

June 19, 2019: Press Release: Triage Cancer to Host Event in Houston, TX

June 14, 2019: Oncology Nurse Advisor, Mitigating Financial Toxicity 

June 12, 2019: Coping With Cancer, Cancer & the Workplace: Making Employment Laws Work for You


October 15, 2018: Living Beyond Breast Cancer, Questions to Ask if You Are Considering Medical Marijuana

Fall 2018: Breast Cancer Wellness Magazine, Know Your Rights

January 19, 2018: Living Beyond Breast Cancer, Trump Administration Will Allow Work Requirements for Medicaid

January 5, 2018: Living Beyond Breast Cancer Insight Magazine, The Cost of Care: Paying for Treatment You Can’t Afford

January 1, 2018: Prostatepedia, Cancer + The Law


October 26, 2017: New Focus Daily, Clarifying Open Enrollment

September 27, 2017: Living Beyond Breast Cancer, Republicans Try Another Healthcare Bill

May 7, 2017: Living Beyond Breast Cancer, Amended American Health Care Act Passes the House of Representatives

Spring 2017: Breast Cancer Wellness, Insurance & Employment Matters

March 17, 2017: Living Beyond Breast Cancer, Financial Assistance Helps Keep People on Breast Cancer Medicine

January 12, 2017: Living Beyond Breast Cancer, Congress Takes Step Toward Repeal of the Affordable Care Act



November 19, 2015: Press Release, Triage Cancer Joins with Medocity to Support Cancer Patients

November 13, 2015: CBS Boston, Quincy Conference Aims to Educate People About Cancer

Fall 2015: Cancer Today Magazine, The Work-Cancer Balance

August 31, 2015: Living Beyond Breast Cancer, Metastatic Breast Cancer: Money, Insurance & Career

August 31, 2015: Living Beyond Breast Cancer, Breast Cancer and the Workplace

August 1, 2015: Living Beyond Breast Cancer, Ask the Expert: Dealing With the Financial Impact of Metastatic Breast Cancer

May 18, 2015: U.S. News & World Report, Coping with Cancer in the Workplace


December 17, 2014: American Cancer Society’s Cancer Magazine, Attorneys as advocates: Organizations step up to help patients navigate the legal and financial issues that often accompany a cancer diagnosis

November 1, 2014: Living Beyond Breast Cancer, Ask the Expert: The Affordable Care Act and You

Winter 2014: Greater Los Angeles Oncology Nursing Society (GLAONS) Newsletter, How Oncology Nurses Can Calm Health Insurance Fears