Thoughtful Gifts for Individuals with Cancer

At Triage Cancer we believe in sharing resources that might be helpful to the cancer community. Today, we introduce you to Mend Together. Keep on reading for some thoughtful gift ideas for the person in your life coping with cancer. 



Most of us feel helpless when someone we care about is diagnosed with cancer.  We want to say the right things, do the right things and make a difference — but don’t always know where to start. 

Mend Together is here to help.  

Founded by 2x cancer “endure-er” Lisa Lefebvre, Mend Together helps friends, family and colleagues learn what to say, do, and give during their loved one's most challenging moments with 3 free tools: 

  1. Community Journal:  keeps everyone updated in real time 
  2. Volunteer Calendar:  makes organizing support easy
  3. Cancer Gift + Cash Registry:  enables loved ones to send a healing gift or financial support

If you’re having trouble finding an appropriate gift for someone facing cancer, Mend Together recommends sending practical gifts that can help speed healing.  

Whether you are shopping for a special occasion, the holidays, or just found out a friend is undergoing treatments, they have curated a top 20 list of unique and unexpected gifts for cancer patients that can help at any stage during a cancer journey.  

Here are their suggestions recommended by medical experts and survivors:

  1. Help your friend minimize pain and soften new scars after breast surgery with this Breast Surgery Gift Box ($55).  
  2. This hand-crafted Post-Surgery Seatbelt Cushion minimizes pressure on tender surgical areas while driving ($39).
  3. Designed to soothe and prevent nausea, this specially curated loose leaf tea gift set is a thoughtful gift for anyone under the weather or recovering from chemo ($15).
  4. A must-have toxin-free Hair Regrowth gift Set combats hair loss, soothes sensitive scalps and stimulates hair regrowth ($115).
  5. Gift this luxurious and Extra-Soft Multi-Functional Robe that has a removable belt to keep surgery drains in place ($79).
  6. Pamper a friend without compromising their health with this Toxin-Free Nail Polish Sampler ($39)
  7. Help your friend speed healing with this award-winning Surgery Meditation Gift Set ($49).  Find other treatment or side effect variations here.
  8. Give instant relief with this Radiation Burn Spray and Salve Duo ($59).
  9. Set your loved one up for success after a major surgery with this Mastectomy Gift Set full of specially curated post-op must-haves  ($199). 
  10. This Antioxidant Miracle Oil helps heal radiated areas and restores a natural glow to post-treatment skin ($69).
  11. This Radiation Gift Box will guide your loved one through treatment and beyond with expertly crafted products and inspiring recovery tips ($165). 
  12. A bird feeder and birdseed delivers an inspiring change of scenery: give the Gift of Birds ($49).
  13. Encourage your loved one to eat clean and healthy with deliciously nourishing and award-winning recipes from The Cancer Fighting Kitchen ($35).
  14. Give the Gift of Hats to a man with hair loss—he will appreciate new, warm and comfortable options ($49).
  15. Send a fun, patterned head wrap that can shield a sensitive scalp with style ($29). 
  16. Protect your friend from harmful EMF (electromagnetic field) radiation while recovering in bed or working from home with this Radiation Shield for Laptops ($99).
  17. A specially curated Chemo Gift Box for men or women will help curb nausea, comfort a tender scalp and encourage hair regrowth ($105-115). 
  18. Treat a friend to a beautiful aromatherapy set to uplift and reduce stress—they deserve it! ($55).
  19. This nourishing Deluxe Heirloom Bean Gift Box is bursting with delicious new varieties and was featured in The New Yorker  ($65). 
  20. Give the gift of meaningful support. Show your loved one facing cancer they are not alone by creating a Mend Together page and sharing with friends and family.  (priceless)

Learn more ways on how to organize support with Mend Together’s free tools, here

Mend Together is a free gift registry and crowdfunding platform for people going through cancer. Patients (or a Helper) can register for healing products or cash funds like hospital and prescription co-pays, wellness services, and every day expenses. Cash funds are an easy way to receive help without asking for money directly. Loved Ones can choose a gift to send or simply donate funds. There is a 5% service fee charged to the cash fund donor at the time of purchase. The patient receives the full amount gifted. 


Editor's Note from Triage Cancer: While crowdfunding may be a useful tool to cope with the financial burden of a cancer diagnosis, there are some possible ramifications everyone should consider before starting a campaign. Read our Quick Guide to Crowdfunding and our Quick Guide to Disclosure, Privacy, and Medical Certification for more information. 


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