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Find your base and reach your summit

Managing cancer as a young adult? It’s time to “Find your base and reach your summit” at the Cassie Hines Shoes Cancer’s Base2Summit outdoor adventure-based camp week. 

A group of people with bikesIn 2010, Cassie was two years into her kidney cancer diagnosis wrestling with the reality that she was managing a chronic cancer that would likely shorten her big plans for life. Through some encouragement from her social worker, Cassie faced that reality by finding peer support through a week-long adventure-based survivorship program, aka “cancer camp”.  Cassie’s experience changed the way she looked at cancer and was a big piece of helping her reframe life. 

Years later, young adults managing cancer have similar stories. “Even though I feel so loved by the ones closest to me, no one really gets it.”  Those sentiments were the planted seeds that sprouted The Cassie Hines Shoes Cancer Foundation and its Base2Summit survivorship program. Base 2 Summit Logo

Located in Northern Michigan, positioned on one of Michigan’s inland lakes is our Base2Summit house, where we bring together young adults (18-40) with shared cancer journeys. Each day is a different adventure highlighting the healing power of Northern Michigan. Our tenets of wellness, adventure and connection guide us in supporting a “find your base, reach your summit” philosophy. Whether you’re hiking, biking, kayaking or lounging in a hammock, Base2Summit promises to introduce you to new friends that just “get it”. After six days of camaraderie, you’ll head home with a new sense of self. All travel, lodging, meals and planned experiences are free of cost.

When Cassie left her camp experience, she lived out her new motto; “Don’t take the easy road, take risks!” We want to support you wherever you are in your cancer journey at Base2Summit. 

Learn more or apply today: Base2Summit

“B2S was exactly what I needed at the time when I very much had no idea what I needed.” – B2S participant

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