5 Tips from Cancer Survivor Shrenik Shah

If you’ve been diagnosed with cancer you might find the following tips from cancer survivor, Shrenik Shah, both helpful and inspiring. Shrenik is from India and was diagnosed with cancer of the vocal chords, thus leading to a laryngectomy. After beating cancer at 21 years old, he has since gone on to be an advocate for the cancer community to build awareness around cancer of the head, neck, and throat.

When diagnosed with cancer, the worst thing we can do is focus on the fear. Our diagnosis is out of our hands, but there are many other things we can do to take control as an empowered patient.

  1. “Be grateful every morning,” and do your best to express gratitude for being alive TODAY.
  2. “Don’t lose hope. Let us not forget that there are treatment options.” Trust the knowledge & expertise of Oncologists and Doctors from various fields who can be equipped with the right knowledge, technology, surgery, or medications to help individuals with cancer. Try your best to stay away from Google searches when trying to help yourself. While it might feel productive, there is no rule of thumb for cancer and everyone’s journey is different.
  3. “Think of fighting cancer like you’re using an app. While using our smartphones, we are familiar downloading various apps. Similarly, think of fighting your cancer diagnosis like downloading a troubleshooting app in your head.” Keep on fighting cancer without giving up.
  4. “Don’t focus on the past,” stay present and feel hopeful for the future. Once you’ve been diagnosed with cancer, it is imperative to not to think about past but pay close attention to your treatments and staying proactive.
  5. Out with your old bad habits, in with the new. “Bad habits like smoking, general tobacco consumption, too much alcohol, and more can cause a recurrence of cancer as well as physical, mental, social & financial stress.” Physical exercise under advisory from medical professionals is recommended. “To keep up with positive mental health, meditation & yoga can be very helpful. Deep breathing plays a very important role, wherein a generation of new cells occurs resulting into stable mental & physical health.”

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