Triage Cancer 2019 Conferences

Since 2012, Triage Cancer has been providing education on the practical and legal issues that may impact individuals diagnosed with cancer, as well as their caregivers, through events, materials, and resources.

To date, one of our most successful programs are our FREE conferences held three times per year. This series of educational conferences for individuals diagnosed with cancer, caregivers, advocates, and oncology healthcare professionals offers valuable information about navigating practical cancer survivorship issues, from beyond diagnosis, into post-treatment survivorship. We’re also proud to say that nurses and social workers can also earn FREE CEUs at our conferences!

We’ve hosted our Triage Cancer Conferences in cities all across the United States to support our mission of making this information accessible to individuals everywhere! Furthermore, we also provide Travel Assistanceto individuals diagnosed with cancer, who would like to attend one of the Triage Cancer Conferences, but would not otherwise be able to attend because of the cost of traveling to the conference.

This month, 228 individuals registered for our largest conference yet in Chicago, Illinois on May 11th.

“I have been in health care for over 40 years and this is the most practical and relevant conference I have attended. The presenters, Monica and Joanna, were professional, engaging, and made the presentations interesting and informative. As a survivor, I wish I had the information during treatment. As an RN, there are multiple resources I now have for my patients. Great conference, thank you!” -Chicago conference attendee

Our other conferences will be held in:

  • Chapel Hill, NC on September 14, 2019
  • Houston, TX on September 28, 2019

If you’d like to register for one of our upcoming conferences, click here!

Curious what topics we cover? Triage Cancer Conferences include sessions on:

  • Being an Empowered Patient and Advocate
    • Talking with Your Health Care Team
    • Advocacy Opportunities in the Cancer Community
    • How to Get More Involved in the Cancer Community
  • Navigating Finances After Cancer
    • How to Rebuild Your Financial Health
    • Where to Access Financial Assistance
    • Thinking Creatively About Financial Resources
  • Understanding Your Health Insurance Options
    • Health Insurance Terms You Need to Know
    • How to Choose Between Plans
    • COBRA, Medicare, and Medicaid
    • What to do When You Lose Coverage Through Your Employer
  • Navigating Your Health Insurance Coverage, Clinical Trials, & Appeals
    • Making the Most of Your Health Insurance Coverage
    • Managing Medical Bills
    • Demystifying Clinical Trials
    • What to Do When an Insurance Company Says No
  • Being Prepared: Estate Planning & Other Documents
    • What Documents Do You Need
    • Financial Decisions to Protect Your Family
    • Making Sure Your Wishes are Honored
    • Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney for Financial Affairs
    • Advance Health Care Directives, POLST
  • Employment Issues: Working Through Treatment, Taking Time Off, Disability Insurance, and Returning to Work
    • How to Get Help Working Through Treatment or Returning to Work
    • How to Take Time Off and Get Paid
    • Employment Rights as a Caregiver
  • Family Resiliency
  • Coping with Stress & Post Traumatic Growth

…and more!


What are attendees saying about our conferences?

“Every patient & health care provider would benefit from this conference. The information was presented in a way anyone can understand and is relevant to patients and providers alike.”

-Rebecca Gallegus, Nurse

 “I was so excited to be here!  I register for as many webinars as possible.  You ladies are phenomenal and bring such a complicated life event, much more understanding and relief for all who participate.  By far one of the best conferences I’ve attended.”

-Stacey Krause, Social Worker

“You are all making an incredible difference in sharing your knowledge, expertise and genuine passion for advocacy. I look forward to sharing your resources with my staff, patients, caregivers and health care professionals who look to us for accurate and viable resources. The world is truly a better place with Triage Cancer in it!”

-Peggy Burkhard, Executive Director, NbmtLINK

 Don’t miss out on valuable information that could significantly impact your life, register for one of our upcoming conferences before seats fill up! www.triagecancer.org/conferences

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