4 More Days Left to Enroll!

Do you need health insurance for next year? The open enrollment period has begun and if you want your coverage to begin on January 1, 2015 you must sign-up by Monday, December 15, 2014.

Confused on how to get started? The links below have all of the information you need to be covered for 2015!

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If you are not able to afford a plan in the Marketplace and do not qualify for Medicaid or CHIP there are community centers that provide primary care, baby shots, and more. Find a community center near you that provides these health services here: https://www.healthcare.gov/lower-costs/low-cost-community-care/

If you already have health insurance through the Marketplace, it is a good idea to review your current health care plan to make sure it still works for you. These five steps will walk you through how to review and make changes to your plan so that they will go into effect on January 1, 2015: https://marketplace.cms.gov/outreach-and-education/5-steps-to-staying-covered.pdf

Want to receive email and text reminders so you will never miss a deadline? Register here: https://www.healthcare.gov/subscribe/

For more information on the Affordable Care Act and this open enrollment period, listen to our webinar “Updates on the Affordable Care Act & Open Enrollment” by clicking here: http://triagecancer.org/webinars/

If you don’t need coverage starting January 1, 2015, then you have a little more time, as open enrollment will continue through February 15, 2015. After that date, the only way to be eligible for purchasing insurance in the Marketplace is if you qualify for a Special Enrollment Period after a life event (e.g., losing a job, moving to a new state, etc.).

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