California Resources

This page has information specific to this state, including contact information for federal and state agencies, and some key information about laws and consumer protections.

To find financial assistance resources, please visit CancerFinances.org.

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Disability Insurance

State Disability Insurance (SDI)
Employment Development Department

Federal Disability Insurance (SSDI & SSI)
Social Security Administration

SSI State Supplement

Find your local SSA office

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Consumer Rights


Federal Fair Employment Agency
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

Reasonable Accommodations
Job Accommodation Network

Family & Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
U.S. Department of Labor
Wage & Hour Division

State Fair Employment Agency
Department of Fair Employment & Housing

Certification Form for California Family Rights Act

State Paid Family Leave
Employment Development Department
English, 1.877.238.4373; Spanish, 1.877.379.3819
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Vocational Rehabilitation
California Department of Rehabilitation
916.324.1313 or 800.952.5544

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Health Insurance

Triage Cancer Quick Guide to Health Insurance

California Health Insurance Marketplace (a.k.a. Exchange)
Covered California

Health Insurance Consumer Assistance Program & External Appeals
California Department of Managed Health Care Help Center

California Department of Insurance

County Medical Services Program (CMSP)

U.S. Department of Labor
Employee Benefits Security Administration

California Department of Human Resources

California Department of Managed Healthcare

High Risk Insurance
Major Risk Medical Insurance Program (MRMIP)

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Unemployment Resources

Unemployment Agency
Employment Development Department
1.800.300.5616 or 833.978.2511

Agency: California Employment Development Department

File here. Payments are posted to a debit card. Click here to see the current weekly benefit amount and the maximum length of benefits. It takes at least three weeks to process a new UI claim. Assistance in filling out the application is available here. You can also make a phone appointment with the Employment Development Department for assistance here. Information specifically for self-employed people or independent contractors available here.

Whether you have been fired from or quit your previous job, a phone interview will be conducted with you and your employer about two weeks after your application in order to determine if you are eligible for UI benefits. If you quit, you must be able to prove that you made reasonable attempts to keep the job and that you had good cause for leaving. If you attend school or training, you may still be eligible for UI if you are in an approved training program or if you remain available for work even while enrolled.

Updates related to California unemployment benefits and Covid-19

State Clinical Trials Law

The ACA requires that most, non-grandfathered, group health plans provide coverage for the routine costs when participating in clinical trials. Some states have more consumer protections. Click here for more information about clinical trials.

Cal. Health & Safety Code Ann. §1370.6, Cal. Ins. Code Ann. §10145.4, Cal. Welfare & Inst. Code Ann. §§ 14087.11, 14132.98 – The statutes apply to most health plans licensed to do business in California, including health care service plan providers (not including specialized health care service plan contracts), disability insurers (ones that provide hospital, medical or surgical coverage in California), County Organized Health System plans, and Medi-Cal.  These entities and programs must cover and pay for routine health care services related to Phase I, II, III, or IV clinical trials.

The trial must either:  (1) involve a drug that is exempt under federal regulations from a new drug application, or (2) be approved by:  (a) NIH, (b) U.S. F.D.A. in the form of an investigational new drug application, (c) U.S. Dept. of Defense, or (d) U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs.  Second, the clinical trials must have a  ‘therapeutic intent ‘ for patients and be recommended by the patient’s physician.  Third, in many cases, the patient must get clinical trial care from a doctor or hospital within the state.  However, health plans must pay for care at treatment centers outside the state if there is no provider in California taking part in the study.

More Information

Paid Family Sick Leave

  • Who’s eligible? California allows all private employees who have been paid at least $300 during the base pay period to receive paid family medical leave. Self-employed individuals can choose to opt in to the program. California’s paid family medical leave law allows
  • Who can be cared for? Family members with serious health condition, or an employee’s own disability (unable to perform regular or customary work). Family member includes: child, parent, spouse, domestic partner, grandparent, grandchild, sibling or parent-in-law
  • How much time is given? Six weeks for family leave. This will increase to eight weeks in July 2020. An employee is given 52 weeks for an employee’s own disability.
  • How much is paid? 60-70% of wages earned in the last 5-18 months before the claim start date. The minimum payment is $50/week, with a maximum payment of $1,300/week. You can calculate your estimated weekly benefit amount here.
  • How do I apply? By mail or online. You will need to provide:
    • First and last name
    • Social Security Number
    • CA driver license number
    • Most current employer’s business name, phone number, and mailing address
    • Last date you worked your regular duties and hours or date you began working; and
    • Any wage you received or expect to receive from your employer