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This page has information specific to this state, including contact information for federal and state agencies, and some key information about laws and consumer protections.

To find financial assistance resources, please visit CancerFinances.org.

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Federal Fair Employment Agency
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

Reasonable Accommodations
Job Accommodation Network

Family & Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
U.S. Department of Labor
Wage & Hour Division

State Fair Employment Agency
Idaho Commission on Human Rights

Vocational Rehabilitation
Idaho Division of Vocational Rehabilitation

More Employment Resources

Health Insurance

Quick Guide to Health Insurance Marketplaces

Idaho State Health Insurance Marketplace (a.k.a Exchange)
Your Health Idaho

Idaho Department of Insurance

U.S. Department of Labor
Employee Benefits Security Administration

Idaho Department of Insurance

State Children’s Health Insurance Program
Idaho Children Health Insurance Plan/Medicaid

Find Health & Dental Coverage For Your Family

More Health Insurance Resources

Unemployment Resources

Unemployment Agency
Idaho Department of Labor

Agency: Idaho Department of Labor

Claims must be filed online. Payment will begin about two-and-a-half weeks from the time of application, if the claimant is eligible. Click here to see the current weekly benefit amount and the maximum length of benefits. Self-employed workers and independent contractors are likely not eligible due to not having covered employment (meaning they do not have employers that have paid into the unemployment insurance system). Customer service can be reached by phone at (208) 332-8942 or (208) 332-3570. The website also offers chat and email assistance options. Work search requirements for weekly recertifications can be found here. A comprehensive guidebook is available here. Explanations of how to use the online filing portal are available in English and Spanish here. Frequently asked questions are answered here. A series of videos explaining unemployment insurance benefits and providing tips on how to apply can be found here.

Updates related to Idaho unemployment benefits and Covid-19.

State Clinical Trials Law

Idaho Code §§ 41-6501 – 6502

Who must cover the costs? Health benefit plans

What must be covered? cover routine patient costs for approved clinical trials. Covered routine patient costs include necessary health care services provided under the health benefit plan, without considering whether the patient is in a clinical trial or not – this does not include the investigational new drug being tested or services that are specifically excluded from coverage under the health benefit plan.

Requirements for Coverage: Approved clinical trials are Phase I, Phase II, Phase III, or Phase IV trials which are trying to prevent, detect, or treat a disease or condition Approved clinical trials also include new drug applications reviewed by the FDA and clinical trials that have been reviewed and approved by an institution’s IRB, if the institution has an agreement in place with the office for human research protections within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Qualifying Trials: The trial must be approved or funded by: (1) the NIH, (2) the CDC, (3) the agency for healthcare research and quality, (4) CMS, (5) U.S. Dept. of Defense or Dept. of Veterans Affairs, (6) a non-governmental research entity mentioned in the NIH’s guidelines for support grants.

(Last updated 8/2022)